In your bag No: 1506 – Adam Ranz

Today we have a nice bag from Cincinnati. Adam shares with us his daily gear. A very tidy setup for someone under 20. Check it out.

My name is Adam Ranz,
I am a young photographer currently living in Cincinnati Ohio in the States. I am 18 years old and shooting primarily film. I have always loved shooting film and have an obsession with film cameras and especially the lenses. Today I am sharing the bag and equipment that accompanied me on my trip to North Carolina.

For the trip I decided to bring my Leica M4. This camera has quickly become my go-to body for almost any type of shooting. Along with the body I brought three 50s, the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4, Canon 50 F/1.2 and the Industar collapsible 50mm F/3.5. I mostly shot the Nikkor, however when the mood struck me, I switched it out for the Canon 1.2, using 4 stops of ND filters in order to shoot at 1.2 in broad daylight.

I of course have the Japan Camera Hunter film case, in which I carried my three favorite film stocks: Acros 100, Portra 160, and Tri-X 400. I store the 50 1.2 in an old flash case. Front and center sits my Canon Snappy LXII, a trusty side kick of a camera. It has a big bright viewfinder and 35mm lens nearly as sharp as my 35 Summicron. I have a TAAB Mini on the Nikkor 1.4 and I always bring earbuds, one chain strap, one leather strap, and a sharpie to jot down notes on exposed rolls. Everything fits perfectly into my Billingham Hadley Small.

I recently returned from my trip and loved this set-up. As such I decided to share it on the website and see what everyone thinks. All in all I felt quite comfortable with this bag, just maybe 3 is too many nifty fifties… oh well.

Adam R.



Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Adam. That is a very nice little setup you have there.
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