In your bag No: 1470, Richard Goulding
Richard Goulding shares a superb modern setup with us today. Samsung makes cameras, who woulda thunk?

Here is my bag, and it follows the general trend to downsize and simplify my kit.

I’m a photographer based in Manchester UK, and my personal work centres on ‘the gentle art’ ie. Judo. Rather than follow the crowd with a fast DSLR, I’ve taken a quieter approach.
The rangefinder is ideal for walking into a dojo and being unobtrusive, and it also works for action shots, if the point of impact is predicted and focus is set. I shoot a lot of portraits using the Leica M (240) and previously the M9 with just a 50mm Lux puts me straight in front of my subject and the resulting image gives the viewer an impression of facing a combatant.
Everything people say about the 50mm Summilux is true and I only ever use it at between f1.4 and f2.8.  However, the tiny Samsung NX10 with its amazing 30mm f2 lens gives excellent results wide open.  And the camera’s look and size leads people to take me even less seriously.  About 90% of my images are shot on with the 50mm Lux and the remainder are with an old 21mm f2.8, and being a cheapskate I use the Olympus EVF to frame, or just use the rangefinder and guess the corners.  I never use the EVF with the 50, but often use it to check the rangefinder calibration before setting off on a shoot.

All of this just about fits into the OMM waist pouch, I use the Moleskine note book to provide a bit of a padded base and have always used (not sure why) car chamois leather hide cloth to wrap and clean the cameras.  The SD cards are stored in a little Muji case – these fit into the wast band of the OMM bag.

This approach has been refined by working on a recently published book.  Before he died my Japanese Judo teacher said to me “I am not a wealthy man, but because of Judo in my heart I am a millionaire”.  This quote lead to a five year project following the lives of elite Judoka and their coaches.  The published book has touched readers around the world, including your home town and the home of Judo, the Kodokan, Tokyo.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Richard. Nice ‘waist pouch’.
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