In your bag No: 1460, Marco Túlio Fuse
Todays bag is a real smorgasbord of gear. Old and new cameras, some fantastic books and a laptop that I have not seen for some time. Check it out.

Hi, my name is Marco Túlio Fuse. I’m a 24 years old director of photography, I live in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

My passion with photography began in 2006 when I bought a cheap small camera to start make home videos of my friends skateboarding. This camera had snapshots function and i make fun with her.

When starting a job in a supermarket I make money to buy my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40 of 6 Megapixels. The digital era of photography was at boom, and I could learn a lot in blogs and forums.

After high school I start a cinema graduation ai Institute of Arts and communication (ICA) at UNA university because with the cinema I could deepen my knowledge about video and photography. During university I made many jobs as camera assistant for advertising and cinematographer of many short films for my friends.

With one of this short film I was nominated for best cinematographer at one independent film festival from UK.

I like spend time developing films at night in my bathroom with alternatives process like caffenol. For me, every photographer had to develop your own photo at least one time in their life. The materiality of image is something of many learning.

My photographic style is a mixture of various inspirations. Since Daido Moriyama, prespassing for William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Saul Leiter, Stephan Shore and many many others. The street photography is a kind of photographic style that meets a lot of good photographers. Diferently of other styles, every picture can be a good picture, independent of technics, just inspiration and be attentive of “decisive moments” (laughs).

My bag is a Lowepro Event messenger 250. it’s a a wonderful bag. Fits many things in her, include my macbook white 13.

This macbook is over eight years old, but still working perfectly and meets my needs. Maybe I’ll change it in a few years. (laughs)


I have different cameras for different circumstances:

The “Orange camera” is a heavy Canonet QL19. I use her in scouting locations for movies and vacations travels. Is a powerful Rangefinder camera with very sharp 45mm f1.9 lens, but his spotmeter it’s broken.

The gray camera is a Pentax Espio 115G automatic point and shoot camera. Very cheap but amazing camera with powerful zoom and sharp lens. I use her for street photography all the time because he’s silent and small. Discretion is essential.

The black camera with leather case is a digital Panasonic Mirrorless Lumix GF1 with 20mm f1.7 lens. I bought this camera for street photography, locations scouting and videos and photos of familiar moments. (She record HD videos).

With this camera i can use my others sovietic lenses Jupiter-8 and Industar-69.

The lightmeter is a Sekonic L308s. Is always on my bag. I use it a lot of time, especially when I’m filming. Is something indispensable, especially with digital cinema. I follow in the footsteps of the master cinematographers.


Jovens Cineastas “Young Filmmakers” was the first book that i had contact with the cinematography. It’s a book with basic technical information about film stock, lights, super 8 and 16mm cameras, lightmeters, etc, but also information about aesthetics, including camera moviments, plan, cut, sound, etc. In other words, the language of cinema. I was fascinated.

Walker Evans book is a theoretical book about this amazing photographer. The author analyze her photos and discuss about it. It’s a small deep book. indeed, it’s a collection called Photo Poche, created in France in 1982, by Robert Delpire, director of the Center National de la Photographie. Is a collection with several photographers like Sebastião Salgado, Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Elliott Erwitt, and others. It’s cheap and it’s worth it!


The films that i use is basicaly Kodak Trix-400, Kodak Double-X and Fomapan 400 black and white films. For color i use Kodak Pro 100 and 200, Fuji Superia 100, 200 and 400, AGFA Vista and Kodak Vision 3, removing the remjet base. I have many others types unused in my fridge, maybe i use some of that until the end of this year.

I hope you like my bag. You can see my photos on my flickr: and follow me in twitter:

Thanks JCH!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Marco. It is nice to see that retro Macbook, I used to have one myself.

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