In your bag No: 1443, Raphael J
A real purist bag today. The barest of essentials to hit the streets of New York City. Raphael J shares his street bag with us today. Check it out.

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve last submitted. My last submission was #902 and since then I’ve made a few changes. 

-I’ve been using my Leica M6 for about three years now and it’s been the nicest camera to shoot. Both in terms of great images and because of how it feels in the hand. I guess this is what the fuss is about when it comes to user experience. I use mainly a 35 Summilux Aspherical with it.

-The Ricoh GRDIV lives on me as a backup. I bought it to make use of square format in-camera and that widescreen format 16:8. No matter how many times I keep coming back, the images keep blowing me away. This little sucker is great.

-I also have my cellphone with a picture of my wife. She shoots too. 

-Film canister used to store films. It was an old film canister for some Rollei film I inherited and I just kept it. Serves it purpose, but definitely want to pick up the famed JCH ones.

-Domke Belt Bag. It’s not the popular F-5XB; it looks like it, but instead has a horizontal wearing strap that wears like a belt. I basically look like I’m wearing a big fanny pack.

Anyway, since I’ve last posted my street setup has changed significantly. I was all about the super wides with black and white. Now my street stuff has taken a colorful approach and that I’ve incorporated my love for cinema and old films trying to recreate these images in my head on unsuspecting dwellers of New York City. I used to shoot fashion photography. While it was fun for a time, I think it’s way more challenging to art direct people who don’t even know you’re photographing them. It’s way more fun and can boil down to providence and serendipity. 

There’s also a sense of joy one feels when you capture a moment in time that no one else saw except you, and because of you, now everyone can partake in that moment.

I’m also a resident doctor now living in the city and this is how i spend a lot of my free time/burn off excess stress time. There’s no greater feeling than slowing down to observe the world around you. That’s why I feel film photography fulfills that need.

In the last three years since I’ve posted, I’ve traveled more and more across this concrete jungle and even abroad trying to figure my place in all this mess. Behind each photographer, there’s a philosophy and a vision. And honestly it’s been difficult trying to pin mine down. I’ve narrowed it down so far to “I like pretty scenes”. I would say that’s an accomplishment.

To all the other street photographers out there: may your work continue to inspire. Keep shooting. 

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Thanks, Bellamy!

-Raphael J.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Raphael. It is very interesting to see how it has evolved since you last shared with us.
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