In your bag No: 1442, D. Michael
It is not all that often we get bags from the middle east, so it is nice to see a bag from Oman today. D. Michael shares with us the bag he takes on his travels. This is a bag with a purpose. Check it out.

My name is D. Michael, I am an American teacher living in Muscat, Oman. Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to travel to 20 different counties, many for long stays. Ten years and 20 countries of experience has shaped my camera and bag choice into what you see here, but it didn’t alway used to be this light.

In 2012, I traveled though South East Asia with a Nikon D3, 28-70 AFS lens, and full-size aluminum tripod and head. I got some great images off those sticks with the Nikon, but there was a price to pay. My shoulders took the debt.

During the Asia trip, there were times when I would leave the camera and tripod at the hotel because I couldn’t be bothered to bear the weight all day. I know I missed some great moments because of it. Looking back on it now I think, “What kind of crazy person takes a full size professional camera and tripod on a holiday?”

I now have a travel blog and podcast where I share my travel experiences to off-the-beaten-track places in my current home, the Sultanate of Oman. Over the last 4 years I have whittled down that monster D3, to something more fitting for a nimble traveler, the Fujifilm x100s and a Think Tank Photo Pro Skin modular belt system.

The Fujifilm x100s is a great compromise between size and capabilities. This camera is large enough that you still have something to hold onto, yet small enough to make me look like your average tourist all day long. The downside to the x100 is the fixed focal-length lens… It just forces me to get closer.

Other unique items in my bag are a Rode iXY stereo microphone, two Rode Smart Lav+ microphones, a Tascam iXJ2 microhpne interface, a Delorme inReach SE two-way satellite communicator, and a Arcteryx Beta SL jacket for the rainy season in Asia.

All this fits into probably the most practical camera bag ever made: two Think Tank Skin 50 V2.0 bags attached to a padded V2.0 belt. Yes, it’s a glorified fanny pack, but I’m not trying to win any hipster competitions with this setup. I just want to remove anything that keeps me away from shooting and recoding audio. Sexy, no. Practical, yes.

You can check out my travel images, writings, and podcast about Oman from the links below:

Fair Winds,
D. Michael

Thanks for sharing your bag, D. Michael. Not often we get bags from Oman.
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