In your bag No: 1427, Jarrod
Jarrod has a bag that has a range of gear that spans a wide range of camera history. From the very modern Olympus, to the classic and beautiful Zeiss. A very well thought out bag.

There have been some great bags featured here stuffed with some great gear. Here is my take on my ‘go bag’. I am a 34 yr old teacher and have been taking pictures since I was a young teen. My earliest memory of my first photographic foray was the first, and only, Washington, DC ALMS race. I loaded my parents Pentax P30T with film, grabbed the only zoom they had and walked out. It went horribly. 36 frames of nothing usable. I thought I knew enough to override the auto settings. Very wrong.

It was a failure but I learned that I enjoyed taking photos of cars, and other things, but especially cars. That led to me starting with a few different bodies, digital and film. That leads me to this bag. This is my sitting by the door bag. The gear is influenced by what I shoot the most, wandering around car show fields and chasing my daughter around. So, I started evolving by selling my Pentax DSLR gear for something lighter with less bulk. This combination makes wandering around fields of cars and documenting my daughters life for her and relatives much easier.

The bag:
– LowePro Flipside 200 AW
It is light, easy to organize and does not require complete removal to retrieve anything. The bag actually can act as a mobile table in a way. You buckle the waist strap, rotate it to the front and zip open the back giving you a stable platform to swap lenses, bodies, whatever. Plus, it has a few spots for storing accessories and with no rear facing zippers, it gives a sense of security.

– Olympus OMD EM10
The only new thing I have in the bag. Everything else I bought used. Switching to micro 4/3rds away from my beloved Pentax was difficult but I can fit the body and two lenses in the space that used to hold just my K mount Tamron 28- 75/ 2.8 zoom. Not to mention it is a quality body and sensor that yields great results. Lenses I usually carry are the Lumix 14/ 2.5 and Olympus 45/ 1.8. I also have a Lumix 20/ 1.7 and Sigma 30/ 2.8 that get swapped in depending upon situation.

– Pentax P30T
That P30T I mentioned earlier? Yup, same one. Probably still running the same battery too. I know that it gets crapped on because it is not a metal body Pentax but it is smaller than a K1000, lighter, better ergonomically, with better metering. It loses out in only one aspect: you cannot push/ pull as the camera reads the code on the roll and sets it. It usually has a Pentax A135/ 2.8 on it. An A50/ 1.7 is swapped in sometimes.

– Zeiss Ikon Ercona
I placed a film order with B&H a few months ago. I thought I had bought 35mm but ordered a box of 120. So, that facilitated my move into medium format because buying a MF camera instead of just returning the film makes perfect sense… I chose a folder for a couple of reasons. I like old stuff, it is completely challenging to me as it is zone focus and 100% manual. I have to consider depth of focus distance and hyperfocal distance, which I have never cared about before. With a 105/ 3.5 Tessar, results are pretty good as well. Plus, being a folder, it is lighter and more packable than a traditional medium format system.

– Sekonic L318 Digi Lite
Small, simple and lightweight. Have all the discs and the spotmeter attachment.

– Rangefinder
An old Dejur Amsco. I cannot judge distances so this helps. Plus, look at it. It is just plain cool. Probably a contemporary of the Ercona and essential to focusing it.

– Analogbook
For notes and stuff. It is helping me learn the Zeiss frame by frame. I never used to write anything down.

– Tripod
Love this thing. Benro versatile transformer with ball head. Lets me get low shots in low light without any difficulty as well as positioning the camera in places I cannot physically be.

– Cable Remote trigger

– Film
I do not discriminate. I shoot everything. I tend to favor TMax for B&W and Kodak Gold for color. Gold is cheap and I really dig the colors it renders.

– Others
Memory cards- I try to carry cards on the smaller sizes which, like with film, restrains you from just snapping away.
Hoods, filters, and Rocket Blower for whatever lenses I have with me at the time
Buck antler pocket knife. Always with me. Just realized that I left it in my pocket when taking this photo.
IG account: throttlebycable

Thanks and love your site. I am researching my next purchase and sites like yours and 35mmc are immensely helpful. One will be a Fuji GA645 and the other an old Japanese RF of some sort. Canonet, Ricoh 500 (because it is as close to a Pentax RF as I will get), or Olympus 35. Not too sure yet.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jarrod. This is a very sensible setup, excellent stuff.
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