In your bag No: 1421, Blake Bernard
Blake has a very classy bag for us today. All the basics and really well laid out. Blake carries around the sort of bag I would like to have. Check it out.

The bag is a Domke F-803 Satchel in black canvas, Its small its subtle and it fits everything I need it to. 

Leica M6- the durability and size of this camera is why I use it. Its reliable and well built. 

The Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon is by far the best lens I have ever used…. like the M6 its well built and is a strong performer, attached to the Leica it balances well. The 35mm fits my documentary style shooting and with the f2 aperture I can still phase out the background if I need to. 

Im bulk rolling HP5 and pushing it 2+ to 1600iso in my “home lab” (dark bag/ kitchen) because it makes it possible for me to shoot in darker areas as well as direct sunlight on one roll. 

Bulk rolling cuts film costs in half and it is super easy to do with reliable results.

I usually take a reading with my Minolta auto meter IIIF for the highlights and shadows and go from there when I’m on the street. Occasionally the camera meter gets some use when the bag stays home and its attached to my Artisan and Artist strap (the short one). I also take a spare battery for the meter.

Bose sound true ultra buds usually pumping something like Interpol or Massive Attack on the bus trip home.

B+W ND (3 stop) if I need to shoot in bright sunlight.

Oakley Frogskins because our eyes are valuable. 

Small leather wallet from

Moleskin notepad and pen.

Aluminium drink bottle from Kathmandu with the one handed lock release so I don’t need to put down the camera to rehydrate.

Strawberry chap-stick for those dry autumn days, bandaids when my shoes give me grief after a long day, gum and house keys.

Love the site JCH. Keep it up.



instagram – @flashfocus

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Blake. I am loving those Frogskins, I need a pair.
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