In your bag No: 1415, Fortes Odair Nelson
Something lovely for the weekend. Fortes Odair shares his lovely gear with us from Brussels. It is not often we get bags from that neck of the European woods. Check it out.

My Name is Fortes Odair, born and raised in Luxembourg, but as I am studying Architecture I live now in Brussels.

Well this is my back story

Before moving to Brussels I never realized the landscapes, nature or beauty that surrounds us everyday. Luxembourg is a small country and as a student it was a daily routine to wake up go to school head back home, eat and sleep. It was after when I moved and sometimes visited my parents in Luxembourg when I realized how beautiful the country is, especially when you ride with the train for several hours. This realization  made me visit Europe and other Continents, to experience and to explore more.

I got the first film camera by accident when I was walking down a flea-market and saw a Polaroid that could be a nice random gift for my girlfriend. And was the moment I saw all those beautiful silver/black cameras lined up waiting to be purchased. The very first i had in my hand was an Olympus , it was heavy and the chrome finish looked just perfect and the overall feeling felt great in my hands (compared to the plastic cameras they produce nowadays). Since the day I purchased it I bring it everywhere with me capturing those moments people just miss in life like I did. Hoping they will realize what they have in life.

The camera I like the most is my Olympus Om2-N with a 50mm 1,4f Zuiko lens. I love this camera. Well i know its quite a beginner camera but nevertheless. As Stated before this was also the first analog camera I ever bought (my fist digital was a Sony Alpha 65 which I use for my studies).

After the Olympus I got the Pentax Me Super. Well this one has a little problem with the mirror movement which i have to get fixed. But as a student its a little bit expensive (I know many will suggest just by a new one for the price but I get very attached to everything I buy)

135 mm not being enough I wanted to try 1200mm film cameras. But I didn’t knew they still existed until a teacher in my university explained and showed me all his stash he got and he showed me a slide film of his Zeiss Ikon Ikonta and I thought that moment: Man you gotta have something like that thats awesome. And guess what the next day I bought it from some one who was trying to get rid of it  for very cheap. I was happy like a little kid who got a stash of cookies.

The Rolleiflex 3.5 MX EVS with a 75mm 3,5f Tessar Carl Zeiss lens is the newest member of the family. Even if it has a few problems the photographs are like certainly not the same as expected.

Flashes, Reflectors and other tools are taboo for me. Capturing the moment and freeze it forever on a negative film as I view it trough the viewfinder.

Other than that in my backpack i have of course the japan hunter cases for both 135 mm and 120 mm films. The Analogbook also for medium and 135 format is also carried around to keep track where when and how all my pictures were taken.

A Rollei C5i Tripod with the smaller Cullmann magnesit copter Tripod. Always a book and the baseball as I get fast bored so I keep myself entertained. The laptop (meet Mr.Afro Buzz) and the notebook ( Sketchy MC.Sketchface) are a must if I still have to get some work done in the meantime.

I post my picture on Instagram only at the moment at @odairnelson:

Have fun reading, cheers

Fortes Odair Nelson

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Fortes. Some beautiful cameras you have got yourself there.

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