In your bag No: 1364, Barry Harding
From a massive workbag to a simple day trip bag. that is how things roll on JCH. And who cannot love a bag shot with simple classic cameras and a nice watch. Check it out.

I got my light bag together. This is for quick day trips or shooting around town. I shoot everything from macro to street, but have cut back on lugging the F5 around.  

1. ThinkTank TurnStyle 5. It doesn’t hold much but that’s the whole point.

2. Oly XA-2 with Flash. Still probably the most pocketable camera I can think of.

3. Ricoh GR.  Just terrific.

4. U.S. Benchmade “Pig Sticker”. Just in case.

5. Marathon Diver. Tough tool watch built like a tank out of 316L steel. This one is a high torque quartz movement.

6. Lens whisk/pen.

7. Sharpie Pen. Fine Point.

8. Seattle Film “5294” ASA 640 Cinema.  I have one roll left. This is the film that the gothic horror-scifi classic Alien (1979) was shot on. I know of one lab in the US that can develop it.

9. Rhodia Note Pad

10. American Seating Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan-Made Chair. You could almost stuff it in a knapsack but who has time for sitting?

One of these days I’m gonna buy one of those Minolta TC-1s.  I’m also looking for a Nikon 15mm f5.6 and about 100 other cameras and lenses.  

Here are my blogs!  Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Barry. Cool gear. I love a good knife too, but Japan has extremely restrictive rules about knives.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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