In your bag No: 1339, Philippe Debeerst
Philippe has been on the site a few times before, always with fantastic bags. And this time around he doesn’t let us down. Not a bag but a flight case. You know it will be big when the cases come out. Check it out.

If you don’t mind, I would like to share an other bag with you, an aluminium case actually.

This is my Linhof Kardan GT 4×5 large format optical bench camera kit.

I bought this one new in 1991, and it served me very well ever since, it never let me down.

I took it almost everywhere I needed it, mostly in all kinds of factories, where it had to stand dust, heat, moister, chemical fumes, heavy vibrations, freezing cold and the ‘normal’ abuse for taking exactly ‘that’ picture, as you can see here: PHOTŒIL

There goes a whole lot of different stuff in that Rimowa case, which is built like a fighter jet. I pack the camera ‘folded’ and partially dismantled, otherwise I need a to large case which isn’t that practical for taking it on location. As it is now, the whole lot weights about 22 kg.

This kit mainly consists of the things directly related to the camera. I keep the sheet-film chassis apart in a home made case because (colour-)film need to be shielded from heat, dirt and X-rays and I like to keep the film next to me…

Photo one shows the case just opened, photo two with some stuff removed showing how things are arranged and number three the case’s content.

What you see is:

1 the camera unfolded, the standard bellows for normal-to-long focal lenses installed

2 the wide angle bellows, allowing easier movements normally limited by the typical shorter extension of the wide-angle lenses

3 the compendium with the sheet filter holder (10×10 cm) and it’s mounting rod and clamp.

4 Rodenstock Sironar-N 210 mm F 1:5,6: a long focal general purpose lens (= +/-90 mm for 35 mm film)

5 Schneider G-Claron 210 mm F1:9: a flat field lens typically meant for reproductions and delicate close-up work, mounted in a Prontor Professional 1 shutter

6 Schneider Apo-Symar 150 mm F1:5,6: the standard normal focal general purpose lens for 4”x5”, mounted in a Compur-Electronic 1 shutter allowing exposure times as long as 32 sec (you can see the battery holder)

7 Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90 mm F 1:6,8: a rather moderate wide-angle (= +/-28 mm for 35 mm film)

8 Schneider Super-Angulon 75 mm F1:5,5: a more wider angle (= +/-20 mm for 35 mm film)

9 Polaroïd holder for type 100 Pack Film, as Polaroïd sheet film (the famous type 54) doesn’t exist anymore, I have that 54 holder too somewhere.

10 Horseman 6 x 9 cm roll film holder.

11 Linhof Rapid Rolex 6 x 7 cm roll film holder

12 Linhof ground-glass mask marked for the different roll film sizes.

13 home made case holding the sheet film chassis.

14 Gossen Variosix F exposure meter

15 Linhof spirit level that can be attached on the ground-glass frame, the best way to level the camera.

16 Schneider 6x focussing loupe

17 10×10 cm polyester sheet colour control filters for balancing colour film to match the ambient light characteristics, the famous avant-garde of ‘White Balance’

18 sheet — and roll film, what is normally kept with the chassis.

And of course a bunch of cable releases matching the different nozzles of the shutters.

All the lenses are mounted in Linhof’s Technica 45 lens-plates, which are lot smaller than the Kardan ones and thus more practical.

Thanks for watching,


Thanks for coming back to us, Philippe. That is some serious kit. And serious weight! I hope your back is ok.
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