In your bag No: 1338, Joe Curzon
Joe was meant to be number 1337, as that number is rather important to some code-y types. Unfortunately due to a glitch in the system (my terrible memory) he is number 1338. Sorry Joe. Still, he does have a rather nice bag.

I’m a hobbyist photographer. I live and work in London as a software developer.

Here’s my current bag set up. It’s a classic Domke F-803. I really love the rubber grip on the shoulder strap. No one seems to mention it that much. Inside the bag is divided into 3 sections.

I’m going through a Fuji Instax phase as the moment. I love how instant photography combines the tangibility of film, with the fact that you have the photo now. Like film photography, you’ve really got to make every shot count.
I started off with a Fuji Neo Classic 90. It’s a great conversation piece as people think it’s a digital camera at first glance, then they’re surprised to find out it’s actually an instant camera. Although I did find it a bit limiting as it’s mostly automatic.

Then I discovered the MiNT InstantFlex TL70. It’s Twin lens camera that uses Fuji Instant film. When I first found out about this camera, I pre-ordered it straight away but it kept getting delayed. They promised it in July/August and eventually shipped in October. It was worth the wait. It’s a quirky (in a fun way) camera. You’ve got a lot of manual control. There’s a top down view finder like other classic TLR cameras. The film even pops-up out of a gap near the top of the view finder.

I’ve also got a lens pen in my bag for this camera.

Also pictured is a Holga 135. It’s loaded with regular 35mm 400iso film. This was my gateway into film photography, so I still keep it about.

My keys / wallet / smart phone are normally in my coat pocket, not my bag, so aren’t pictured.
Also not pictured is my big stack of instant film.​

Thanks again!


Thanks for sharing your bag, Joe. Sorry we missed the magic number. That is a very cool Instantflex you have there.
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