In your bag No: 1304, Bertram Eiche
We have a returnee today. Bertram was on the site with his bag quite some time ago. And now he is back, and with a totally different bag. Which has a very interest hack to it. Come and have a look at this modern classic of a setup.

Hi Bellamy and dear readers of JCH!

Bertram Eiche is back (In your bag 798) with a totally different bag.

From up-to-down and from left-to-right:

The bag is a Neeko (Don’t know what that means).I own this now for seven years and it still looks and works like on the first day.

My grey felt wallet (mostly empty!)

Lip balm (Who wants to kiss sandpaper? No one).

A little sketchbook.

Leica X Vario. Imho, a highly underestimated camera. The pictures are high quality. The lens is amazing. …but it’s just a zoom: Use your legs to zoom, they say. Beijing is a crowded place. Sometimes you need a wide angle because there is no space to make a step back. The traffic does no allow you to go closer. „What is this guy doing there? OMG!!“ There is a certain pragmatism to enjoy, which screams: „Keep a healthy distance!) The lens also works very well wide open (If i wanted bouquet i’ll drink a nice glass of wine or get me some flowers, har har!) The camera is wrapped in a nice leather corset with a useful handgrip.

An extra battery.

Fuji Instax retro 90. Instant prints, yeah. What a nice giveaway, icebreaker.

iPod touch 6. After i posted a lot on tumblr, i had the feeling to reevaluate what i had done so far. For my ongoing project I decided to use exclusively the iPod.


Two pencils (thick 6B, thin 2H), eraser.

Swiss army knife.


Because this is „In your bag“ an extra picture.

I like the DIY spirit a lot.

The Neeko bag (still no idea what that means) is a bit loose. I wanted a sturdy padding. So i took the my-wife-never-used-yoga-mat, cut some pieces from it and glued a box with a glue gun. Everything fits like a charm in this custom made compartment.

That’s my outdoor office. You will never see me without it.I’m stolling around in Beijing. Mostly with my E-cycle. Everyday.

bertram eiche

Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag with us again, Bertram. That is a cool bag hack. Although I fear many of us could be in trouble is we started cutting up our wives yoga mats. Even if they are unused.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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