In your bag No: 1289, Jonathan Alaerts
Yesterday we were in Singapore, now we scoot over to Belgium. Globetrotting through peoples bags. Cool or what? Jonathan has a stunner of a bag for us, with a super sexy Leica M4-P. Makes me want one…

I’m Jonathan Alaerts and I’m a Belgium photographer who is aspiring to be a pro-photographer.

My ‘commercial gear’ is digital and Fujifilm, but for my personal work I exclusively use Leica film camera’s. As I already spend way to much time behind my computer editing my work, my personal work is pure darkroom magic :-).

In my bag:

· Leica M2 with the Zeiss ZM 35mm F2.0 fixed to it. 80% of my pictures are made with this set-up

· Box of b&w film. Most is bulkrolled HP5+ (But I use about everything from Fomapan, Kodak, Rollei and Ilford)

· Voigtlander hotshoe lightmeter. Almost never use it.

· Moleskin notebook

· Leica M4-P with Zeiss ZM 28MM F2.8. The M4-p has 28mm framelines, but I do like the external 28mm Voigtlander viewfinder for fast framing

· Voigtlander 15mm F4.5, a lovely but sometimes hard to use piece of gear

My bag is a cheaper Billingham-like alternative from Gurubags.

I’ve added a contactsheet and a silvergelatine print to my second shot.

You can check out my pictures at my Instagram account:

Kind regards
Jonathan Alaerts

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jonathan. I love that M4-P. Such an underrated camera.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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