In your bag No: 1283, Maurits Bollen
Maurits’ last bag was pretty epic, carrying some lovely gear. Well this time he is outdoing himself, with not one, but two bags. Both of them jammed with cameras. Normally I would say these are just a collection, but I can really see all of them being used.

Hi Bellamy, while making an inventory of what to bring on my next camping trip I reproduced two of my favourite bags. It is one bag actually, but with a different content.

My name is Maurits Bollen and I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am currently working on a book combining landscapes and portraits. In 2 to 3 years time I hope to have it published. Almost all my images are made on film.

This is my do-it-all bag, an Officine Panerai tote bag that originally came with a watch. It is huge inside, eaily swallowing a large Domke bag insert and some wraps so the cameras do not rattle around. When going on short camping trips, I either fill it with pocket cams or with toy cams. Some cameras are in there twice, one loaded with colour film the other with black and white.

Pocket cameras: Olympus AF-1, Trip 35, Mju I and Mju II, Ricoh GR1s and GRDII, Recesky 35mm TLR, ImageTech 3D, Nikon L35AF (my favourite) and L35AF2.

Toy cameras: Classic Diana’s, a Dana, Recesky TLR, Sharan pinhole, Holga 120, Zero Image pinhole and (my favourite) a Pouva Start.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a 4×5” Wanderlust Travelwide pinhole camera. I had a Harman/Ilford 4×5” pinhole, but unfortunately it was too good. The tripod is a super light carbon fibre Sirui T-025X. I always bring an Edding marker pen and some sticker material to change DX-codes on the film cartridges.

This is my website:

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Maurits

Thanks for coming back to us, Maurits. That is a simply amazing amount of cameras. You are stronger than I.
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