In your bag No: 1280, Jordan Langdon
Jordan brings us something a little bit different from the usual fare. A beautiful presentation, although I am pretty sure the boots go on the feet and not in the bag. Still, lovely stuff. Check it out.

I’d like to firstly thank you for an awesome site. It’s definitely part of my morning coffee ritual. My name is Jordan Langdon, and am currently living on Vancouver Island in beautiful BC, Canada.

There are many permutations of how I carry my gear, and what gear makes its way into each load out. Leaving multiple pelican cases and laptop laden tether kits aside, this is the earnest ‘I’m out for the day’ carry.

This is an all digi (gasp) setup. Film is more project oriented for me these days, so for daily use I’ve been sticking to pixels.

1) Poler camera bag. It’s not really that well optimized as far as being a camera bag. It is, however, simple to use and compact(ish).

2) Ridgemont Outback hiking boots. I live in the pacific north west. Shooting out in nature means dealing with some very taxing and wet elements. Good footwear is critical.

3) Sony a7r. I’ve recently bailed out on Nikon and digital slrs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the performance and form factor change. Using glass from my OM kit is the nail in the coffin. This camera is unbelievable for focusing manual lenses. If you’re going this route, be warned, you need no less than a million spare batteries.

3) Olympus Zuiko 50mm. I love this lens. I love how it stands up to 36mp and asks for more. I love how small it is. I love this lens.

4) Sony rx100ii. This thing is a phenomenal quick shooter. I diced around for a long time not sure about getting this or a Ricoh. Ultimately, it came down to the zoom which I now find indispensable. This gets used mostly for anything I don’t care enough about to bother wrangling with 36mp file size, and for video. Man, does it ever perform well filming.

5) Zoom H2N. This recorder is mainly used to compliment the rx for video. It’s a great field mic.

6) The little stuff. Various pens and markers, a ruler, a knife, a notebook, and a wee lil tripod.

My professional photography has traditional orbited around the skateboard media world. Since a semi recent move out to the west coast, landscape, camping, travel and adventure work has taken the front seat.

If you or your audience are interested in seeing some of my work it can be found at and you can find me on Instagram @jwlangdonphoto.

Thanks once again, Bellamy, for providing such a fun and informative site.

Jordan Langdon

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jordan. Nothing wrong with being all digital, we have plenty of those bags on the site.
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