In your bag No: 1277, Sergej Radovic
Cool beans. Today we have a very classy bag from Serbia. A bit of modern camera tech, next to an old Soviet camera. This is what we like to see, the perfect Friday bag.

My name is Sergej and I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I am a filmmaker, but I spend most of my waking hours photographing stuff. Here is my bag that you will find me hauling on the streets of Belgrade most days.

The bag is a National Geographic photo bag, but I’m not sure what model it is. I’ve had it for ages now and it has served me well (it used to be a much darker colour, but it has washed away quite a bit). I have always been a sucker for the magazine and I couldn’t resist getting a bag that had the famous yellow rectangle on it regardless of how silly it might be.

The cameras are:

– Leica M8 with a Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH which is an amazing lens. Also, next to it is a 90mm Summicron-M.
– Minox GT-E. I love this camera. It has an amazingly sharp 35mm lens and one of the most quiet shutters I have ever used. It is a very low-profile pocket camera that is great for street shooting. And Minox used to make spy equipment which is pretty badass.
– Zorki 4 with the infamous Jupiter-8 f/2 50mm lens. This Soviet rangefinder is a pretty cool camera. Although it can’t be compared with the quality of Leicas, it is incredibly fun to shoot with (and incredibly loud).
– iPhone. I always have it with me therefore it is the b…. you know the cliche.

Rest of the stuff:

– Film – two rolls of HP5 and two rolls of Kodacolor.
– Spare M8 batts
– Iphone charger
– Money, sunglasses, headphones
– Rosco lens tissue paired with Panavision lens fluid (not shown) = amazingly clean lens
– painkillers
– iPad – not a big fan of, but got it as a prize at a film festival. Guess its easier to lug around them my laptop.
– Pen and paper, you can’t beat it.

There you go!

Best regards,
Sergej Radovic

Instagram: @bleya

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Sergej. I love those Minox cameras, you don’t see enough of them in peoples bags.
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