In your bag No: 1257, Jota Barros
Jota shares his bag with us today from delightfully sunny Spain. Not only has he got a cracking bag, with the bare minimum of gear. But he is also an award winner. Check this one out.

My name is Jota Barros, and I´m the photography-lover behind I live in Spain, in a small town called Allariz (you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to see this place in case you have it!)

I´ve always loved photography. I can remember clearly when I was a kid and waited for my father to bring home the magazines to look at the pictures and try to understand the world through them… I started taking photos with a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 that I recently restored so I can shoot film again. Until then I shoot 100% digital, and what I like most is walking in the streets with my X100S to capture life as it happens.

I have my own blog (almost 4 years old) which won Spain´s Best Photography Blog Prize last year. I write about any subject related to Photography: book reviews, experiences and thoughts, great photographers… You can find a free online course, classic images analysis, and a book you can download for free as well! :)

Now, let´s go back to my bag.

First of all, I love bags that don´t look like photography bags; in the past I used to carry a Lowepro backpack, full of lenses, charger, and my old Canon 50D, but I finally learnt that, the greater the weight was, the less pictures I took. So, I bought a relatively small camera (Fuji X100S) and adapted a leather bag (a gift from my wife, many years ago) with that cover you see below the camera (it´s made of two mousepads), the camera goes inside the cover, and the cover inside any bag. ;)

Other things that are always with me: business cards with the url of the blog and my email address (you never know who you can meet, and you cannot expect them to remember your stuff, so make it easy), a red notebook (you should ALWAYS carry a notebook) with a pen, my documentation, a photography book (I´m always reading one to publish about it in the blog) and a big notebook to take notes, the keys… And, of course, one small bag with spare batteries (non original), one more memory card and a rubber band to fix the hyperfocal distance when the focus is set to MF. Look at the rubber bands around the batteries: I use them to know that they´re full of charge, when I take the battery off of the camera, I leave it without the band, son when I get home I know I have to charge that one. :)

Sometimes I go even lighter than that: just the camera hanging from my shoulder, and the red notebook, the small black bag and the business cards in the pockets.

So, I think that´s all. I would only add that we must keep in mind that we don´t need lots of equipment to enjoy photography, just find a camera that you feel confortable with, go out shooting and show others what you get.

If case you want to keep in touch, there you are some links (please come in and say hello!):
My blog:
YouTube (with street photography POV videos of my own):

Hugs and the best light!

Jota Barros

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Jota. Congratulations on the award. Well done.
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