In your bag No: 1255, Ron Wolfe
Ron shares with us not only his bag, but his film stash too. And what a setup he has, that classic Barnack is a stunner. Check it out.

Another huge fan of the site and the videos you’re now producing, great stuff! I’d like to submit my bag shot for your consideration.

My background with photography dates back to high school photo classes in the mid 80’s. I had the great opportunity to take this in school that sadly many kids today don’t have including my 16 year old son, Kyle. I was on/off with photography through college and grad school but it was Kyle’s recent interest that brought me back to photography. I’ve tried to impart the basics with manual exposure, composition and working within constraints of a single prime lens by forbidding zooms :D but he now far surpasses me especially utilizing all the current technology. We’ve dabbled grandpas Rolleiflex 2.8E and my old Toyo 45a field as well. I can’t say he is as drawn to film as I, but anything that inspires him to create images is fine with me. Shooting film for me is not simply capturing a moment but it’s all that one must consider…which film? do I shoot it at box speed/push/pull? which body/lens? which developer? will i scan this for web/print or am i going to spend time in the darkroom? Each aspect is a choice and a process that makes this such an enjoyable way to spend life and seeing the world again with new eyes and experiencing it along side my sons contagious enthusiasm.

In the bag
1) I had sold my M6 I had after my sons were born think that film was doomed. Of course this has thankfully not come to fruition. I loved that M6 and so when I sought to replace it, I spent the kids college fund (just kidding) on a used early MP which is brassing up nicely. Attached is an amazing 50mm Summilux.
2) This is something new to me but is such a pleasure to shoot. I feel it is a cool piece of 35mm history before the M’s, a masterpiece from Oskar Barnack design, a Leica IIIf RD-ST. Attached is late and flawless Summaron 3.5cm f3.5 along with a metal Voigtlander 35mm VF.

-Hard to beat a Billingham Hadley Small for its quality and performance

-iPhone 5s with a Lumu when I don’t want to advance a frame in the MP to meter and lighting to difficult for me to sunny 16 it.
-BART (light rail) card for the obvious use for transportation into San Francisco from my home but also for loading film into the Barnack.
-Can’t go anywhere w/o organizing the film in my JCH 5 roll holder

Attached is a shot of the bag and my film stash for roll / sheet and bulk loading. I am film agonistic, whatever is cheap. I’m currently shooting expired a 100′ TMAX 400 from 1997 I got for $25 along with another 100′ for TMAX100 waiting in the fridge.

I shot for me which usually means vintage cars and rally events and life travels. My son got me to start sharing on line so I’m on, while Kyle is at . Maybe I can get him to submit a bag shot as well.

Cheers Bellamy and keep up the great work.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ron. Cool to see you sharing your passion with your son too.
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