In your bag No: 1254, Matt G
Matt shares with us a cracking bag. Not only are there some great cameras in the bag, but a book by possibly one of my favourite authors. Lovely stuff. Check it out.

My name is Matt; I live in Switzerland. I’ve been shooting film and digital for the best part of 30 years now as an amateur.

I own a couple of dedicated camera bags that hold a variety of setups, these days, mainly digital. But I recently rediscovered film photography and enjoy it thoroughly, the process as well as the results; it leads to a much more considerate way of taking pictures.

That’s why my day-to-day bag contains a film camera – sometimes several.

The cornerstone of this new-found passion is a camera I’ve always lusted after: a Mamiya 6. A square medium format camera, but with retractable lens, thus reasonably light and compact, with aperture priority, including AEL, with a small, yet highly desirable choice of lenses … Who needs more? This camera has it all. And now I own one – thanks to Bellamy! And yes, it’s a fantastic camera to shoot!

So, let’s take a look into my rather crammed bag:

The bag itself is simply a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger (small); I have put in a generic camera inlet to add some padding. When I’m out taking pictures for fun (i.e. most of the time), it contains all or most of the following:

– The Mamiya 6 (it’s actually an “MF”, but I use it strictly for 6×6) with 75mm f/3.5 and hood; the strap is a Peak Design Leash – light and easily adjustable, and quick to remove (or replace by the Cuff – a wrist strap).

– A Zeiss Ikon Contessamat E, with lens hood – a 35mm rangefinder from the early 60’s, sporting a super-sharp 50mm f/2.8 Tessar; in spite of its age, the camera is in fantastic condition – even the light meter works! I will have it CLA’d some time soon – it’s worth it!

– At least one digital camera; these days, this usually means the Panasonic LX100; it’s as close as you can get to a classical RF experience without seriously breaking the bank. It’s actually an enjoyable camera to shoot; I’ve set it up to emulate an analog workflow.

– Most of the time, a toy camera, which to me means an instant camera, perferably the Lomo’Instant. It’s not capable of really good image quality, but quite often a spectacular one. Anyway, it’s fast and fun.

– A light meter; the Variosix F is already quite old, but I use it most of the time for its accuracy and versatility.

– A collection of film; at the moment, Ektar 100 is my mainstay for both formats I shoot; for B&W, I use mostly HP5+, but I’ve been planning to seriously try out the Acros 100 for a while now, that’s why it’s ready in the JCH case! Sometimes, I bring a spare Instax Mini film, too – especially if I know that there’ll be kids around …

– A ND4 filter for the Lomo’Instant (the only thing that didn’t make it onto the image) – the Instax film blows out in a very ugly way when overexposed.

– A lens pen and a cheap/free ball pen (something I don’t miss if I lose it).

– A (paperback) book, more often than not a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett (“Reaper Man” happens to be one of my favourites – it features Death, saving the world …).

– Wallet, smartphone, small foldable shopping bag – live goes on even when you’re out shooting!

I shoot almost exclusively for fun; some of my stuff (mostly digital) is on Flickr:[email protected]/

Have a good day – and don’t forget to take a picture or two!

Matt G.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Matt. That Zeiss Ikon is lovely, not often you see them being used anymore.
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