In your bag No: 1251, Po Bunyapamai
From a non bag, to the mother of all bags. That is how it goes on JCH. Po is going on a backpacking trip and this is the whopper of a bag that will go across Europe. Check it out.

Hi Bellamy, today I am presenting to you and your readers the bag I will be bringing with me on a month long trip to Europe. I was last featured exactly a hundred bags ago at 1117.

My main cameras will be the Konica Hexar AF and my trusty Olympus E-P5.

The close up photo is missing the E-P5 because it is shot with the camera. The overview, in order to get everything present, is shot with the iPhone 6.

Everything here fits into a Gregory 65 Liter backpack.

Let’s start with the most important things in the middle:
– Konica Hexar AF
– Olympus E-P5 mounted with 17mm f/1.8 lens
– Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 lens

Now from left to right:
– Blue wind/rainproof jacket
– Very comfortable grey hoodie
– SF Giants baseball cap. I bought this during the parade when they won the World Series back in 2013
– assortment of clothes and toiletries in a packing cube
– headlamp
– iPad 3 with navy leather cover
– 30 pin USB cable
– lightning USB cable
– 12W USB power adapter
– iPad 30 pin SD card reader
– thick envelope to house the iPad
– lens cleaning cloth
– Etymotic Research hf2 noise isolating earphones, with foam ear tips. In my opinion, these are the best travel earphones money can buy. It’s like using earplugs, but there’s music!
– extra foam ear tips
– international driver’s license
– passport
– 2x Sensor Swabs, in the event that dust gets on my sensor
– lip balm
– 46mm three stop neutral density filter. For the Konica Hexar because its shutter speed tops out at 1/250 sec
– 46mm circular polarizing filter. Luckily these two fit both the Konica Hexar and 17mm lens
– extra battery for the E-P5
– 0.5mm microdot pen
– 18 rolls of Ilford Delta 400 film and 30 rolls of Ilford FP4+ all bulk loaded from 100 feet rolls
– JCH 35mm mini case with an assortment of the two films
– lens cleaning fluid
– spare battery for the Konica Hexar AF
– card reader
– E-P5 battery charger
– black power cable
– film lead retriever
– Gorillapod with ball head
– polarized sunglasses
– my very reliable Klean Kanteen water bottle

Next to the backpack at the top right is a fanny pack I got earlier this year from a thrift store in Portland. It’s great for fitting so many things while making them readily accessible. Be it film, lenses, passports, etc

Thanks for the feature Bellamy
You can find my commercial work at
And follow me on this trip via Instagram at @pobunyapamai

Thanks for sharing your whopper of a bag with us, Po. I still laugh when I read ‘fanny pack’.
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