In your bag No: 1250, Jason Paul Roberts
Todays ‘In your bag’ doesn’t actually have a bag. But this time there is a valid reason. Jason doesn’t take one with him when shooting. That must be an extremely liberating experience. Check it out.

My name is Jason Paul Roberts. I’m a photographer based in the USA, although I travel extensively. I thought I would share with you my street photography setup.

The first thing you’ll notice is that I don’t carry a camera bag when I’m shooting on the street. I used to carry a bag with an extra body and several lenses, but I found it was too distracting. Also, when I would review my images at the end of the day I would often wish I shot “wider.” So now I almost always hit the streets with one lens, my 28mm Elmarit. The simple kit lets me focus on the people I meet, instead of my gear.

So here’s my setup:
· Leica Monochrom
· Leica 28mm Elmarit (with green filter)
· Leica SF 24D flash
· Yongnu wireless flash trigger & receiver
· Two extra Leica batteries (in belt pouch)
· Two extra memory cards
· Two extra flash batteries
· Business Cards

When I shoot street portraits I set my lens to the minimum focus distance (.7m). I like to interact with the subject, so this allows me to get up close and have a conversation while photographing them. I usually shoot with my flash off camera, although if I’m spending a lot of time with someone I might mount the lens on top of the camera.

Thanks for taking time to look at my “bag.”

Jason Paul Roberts

Thanks for sharing your setup with us, Jason. I wish I could do this, but Japan is so damned hot in the summer you need wipes, a towel and iced water at all times, before you have even thought about a camera.

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