In your bag No: 1240, Rachelle M
What I like about this bag is the honesty of it all. This is a bag that has clearly been put together with purpose after a lot of experience. And what a bag it is. Oh, and that it is in the lovely city of Kyoto. Check it out.

Hello all, Rachelle here, shooting plenty of film in the very photogenic Kyoto. I’ve been shooting film all my life, only reluctantly getting a Fuji X100s last year to deal with subjects that can no longer be dealt with with film (usually low-light handheld situations, and colour since I mostly shoot black and white film).
I own around 40 cameras (!) but my latest baby is the Mamiya 6 with 50mm and 75mm lenses. I got it to replace the Bronica SQAi I have been shooting with for over the past 5 years. I love the Bronica, but the reality is the weight of it, plus lenses, plus film backs, plus film, just seems to be getting heavier as the years progress (never thought I’d be saying that!), and is becoming a concern for travel as airlines crack down on baggage, including carry-ons.
I did think about retreating back to my TLRs since I love square format, but being able to go wider was desirable, as were interchangeable lenses. I’m doing a big trip to Europe this summer and that finally provided the impetus to switch from the Bronica to the Mamiya. I’m still getting used to using a rangefinder, but the negs are amazing, and it’s incredible how much lighter the system is compared to what I had been lugging around!

My usual bags are backpack style (the only ones big enough to carry all my gear) but I recently bought a Nikon tote bag and it’s been great. It’s perfect for city shooting. At the moment it has become my de facto Mamiya 6 bag, and here’s what I usually carry in it:

Mamiya 6 (non-MF) with 50mm and 75mm lenses and hoods
Random assortment of film, my trusty Acros, some HP5+ (or Tri-X, not pictured), some infrared (in this case Efke IR820 and Rollei 400s, which I’ve just started shooting with), and a couple rolls of Provia 400x for when I want colour
Lens cleaners/brushes
Cable release and bubble spirit level for longer exposures (Slik tripod not pictured, but often carried along in its own case)
Variety of filters, mostly red and yellow for B&W, a R72 for infrared, plus polariser and ND filters, all carried in a convenient filter case
Film box ends to add to the camera so I know what I’m shooting
Extra batteries, just in case
Swiss army knife, for multiple uses, not just photographic
Gossen LunaPro lightmeter – I know the Mamiya 6 has it’s own meter, but I’m still figuring out its quirks, so bring the handheld meter for backup
Some bottled tea to stay hydrated, because it’s pretty hot and humid here in Japan right now

I’m not a big fan of posting my photos online, but I do keep a blog related to shooting film and/or travel in general, although it tends to be more about Japan in reality:


Rachelle M

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Rachelle. I would be careful carrying that knife around in Japan though, the cops have a problem even with the swiss army knife.
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