In your bag No: 1224, Gianluca Bevacqua
A lovely bag for a lovely Sunday. Todays bag comes to you from the south of Italy, and is a delightful mix of the old and the new. Check out this beauty.

My name is Gianluca Bevacqua. I’m an Italian photographer, and I live in the (beautiful) south of the country.

I love shooting with classic cameras, and even more legacy glass.

Currently I got back to my first love (I grown up using a marvelous Minolta SRT-101), and now I shot almost exclusively Minolta MC / MD glass plus the three beauty you can see in my bag picture.

The bag is a normal small canvas bag into which I put a couple of DIY inserts; it works much better than a photo bag (less padding to carry around) and it is absolutely inconspicuous.

– Sony A7r
– Rolleicord III

– Minolta M-Rokkor 28/2.8 (probably my favorite lens ever)
– Minolta M-Rokkor 40/2
– Minolta M-Rokkor 90/4

I love the classic rendering of Fomapan 100 and sometime the grain of the 200; if I’m not carrying Fomapan then is the turn of the Chinese Shanghai GP-3 100 Iso with its loving tonalities.

Sometime, if I think I’m gonna need it, I trow in a Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15/4.5 as well, the first ultra-tiny version.

If I’m not carrying a bag at all then I reach for the Nex 7 or for the Minolta Hi-Matic F.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Gianluca. I love seeing those two cameras together. True icons.
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