In your bag No: 1209, Max Lamdin
Max is only 17 yet he is already shooting a complete monster of camera. With young shooters like Max shooting film we can be sure that the future of photography is safe in their hands. Check out this lovely Saturday bag.

my name is Max Lamdin and I’m a 17 year old sixth former from Canterbury, England.
I’ve been into photography seriously for just over a year and a half and into film photography seriously for a year! I used to shoot an action man toy camera when I was 6 which I loved even though it printed the action man logo on every image!

however, I bought my first dslr January last year and loved the manual controls I could get from this, however I quickly became dissatisfied with every image looking similar, during this time I’d also been buying each and every cheap film camera I could at boot fairs and charity shops just as collectables, I then shot my first roll of 35mm colour last summer on the Pentax K1000 above. from those images however I saw that I didn’t like the quality of the prints from the lab so decided to start saving and so I bought an Epson v550 a couple of months ago!
Honestly, I would love to shoot entirely film however for a 17 year old student its not very practical so I do have the dslr in my bag from time to time, however I was using it here to take this image.
I’ll get to the bag now:
-the bag is a Bestek messenger bag (cheap Amazon camera bag)

-Pentax K1000 which I’m borrowing however I have fallen in love with

– Olympus Superzoom 700Xb (this is basically a stylus epic but slightly bigger?) still a really handy point and shoot

-Medis rangefinder which I mostly use for fun and stays in my bag for that reason?

-Pentacon Six (a.k.a. my baby) I got my first roll from this developed last month and absolutely love the images!

I got this camera for Christmas 2014 and am really sparing with film which is kind of frustrating at times?

-Finally, Film box, (sorry JCH) I use a Ferrero Rocher box as I can keep 35mm and 120 together so is a real space saver

in this box I have a real range of film, 1x Fuji Superia 100, 1x Agfa Vista 200, these are my expensive (sort of) and cheap (very cheap) 35mm films depending what I’m shooting!
I also have 1x Portra 400, 1x Fuji Provia 100f, 1x Kodak E100G and 1x ilford XP2! (I have 5 rolls of each of the Portra and both slide films but have never shot either) very excited to use the slide film this summer however I’ll be incredibly sparing with it as E6 processing can get crazy expensive!

if you have read all this, thank you very much, I know I ramble a bit and apologies for that.

also, if you would like to see more of my images you can find me on:
(this also catalogues my camera collection)
Flickr:[email protected]/

Final thing, my cousin and I run a very small artist recognition page on social media (Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter) and if anyone would like to submit their work then that would be much appreciated! you can submit through here, Cheers

Thanks for the great website Bellamy and #BuyFilmandMegapixels!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Matt. That Pentacon is a monster. I wish I had one when I was 17.
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