In your bag No: 1207, Andy Wong
Andy shares with us a simple setup. And he has used this bag shot in a effort to give his film photography a bit of a push. Go on Andy, get that Canon cranking!

My name is Andy Wong, and I work in the HR industry. Firstly I’m going to openly admit that I rarely use my A-1 to shoot film anymore, and I put it in this photo in hopes that I’ll pick it back up to shoot one day. I’ve simply been converted to my Sony A7 – it is more fun to use, more versatile, gives me more utility and handles better than my film camera.

Recently I’ve become immersed in rangefinder lenses. Previously back when I was still in school, I did photography (completely unrelated to my major) part time on the side with my trusty 5D – which was a camera I didn’t really get attached to, although it was an excellent camera! After getting my first job out, I began to have actual disposable income which led me to revamp my entire digital camera collection, ending with me selling all my Canon equipment and buying a Sony A7 and some rangefinder lenses.

I’m going to admit it, I’m not the biggest Leica lens fan in the world. I simply cannot justify the cost of Leica lenses. What I am a fan of however, is every other manual lens of small size and carrying a small flange focal distance – so mounting it on my A7 would not greatly increase weight. Close focus distance is now a non issue – on M-mount lenses, I can grab one of those macro focusing adapters and still be able to take my food photos… haha.

Most of my recent captures have been of photos of everyday life, vacations, or trade for portfolio shoots. I usually pack light with one or two lenses on my A7. Onto my discussion of my gear:

The bag is something I picked off from a street stall for around $12 CAD in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It is quite roomy actually and lets me stay agile while lugging my gear.

Sony A7: Probably the most ‘bang for the buck’ digital camera you can get these days, it is sharp, versatile and extremely functional with focus peaking when focusing manually for those quick snaps. As you can see, I have customized mine with leather textured adhesive to give it a more refined, subtle look.

Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 35mm f/1.2 II, bottom left: I’ve owned quite a few 35m lenses in the past, and I’m pretty much led to believe that this lens is one of the sharpest out there at this focal length. It is also the fastest in production (I believe) for a full frame 35mm focal length, with some of the best bokeh quality I’ve seen. It simply sucks light in while keeping CA and softness to modest levels. The only downside is it is pretty ugly and it is unwieldy large and heavy for a rangefinder lens.

Voigtlander Color-Skopar Pan 35mm f/2.5 (PII), mounted on A7: The image quality on this may not be as flawless as its bigger brother, but it is one heck of a light and mobile lens. At f/2.5, it is still usable indoors. It is unlike the Nokton which nearly doubles the weight of my camera.

Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM: I was reading the JCH top 10 M-Mount lenses ( and my eyes came upon the 50mm 1.4 LTM. After seriously contemplating the 50mm f1.2 version I finally decided against it and bought the 1.4, as it was what Bellamy (and many others on the internet) believed was sharper and more useful (and it’s loads cheaper!). I believe their opinions were correct, as I noticed the 50mm f/1.4 is very sharp with very nice colors – and likely more sharper and better rendering than the current generation of 50mm’s from Canon. It is also very small, light and good looking, all of which is a plus!

Canon A-1: Fantastic tank of a Camera

Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD S.C. mounted on A-1,: Not the sharpest in the world, but it works

Canon 28mm f/2.8 FD used to take the photo,: Used at f/3.5 on a Rebel T2i to take the photo, you can see that it is also not the sharpest on digital!

My Tri-X film: I bought too much. Perhaps I should pick up my A-1 and shoot!

And that’s it! I thank you all for reading my ramblings and Bellamy for this awesome site — this is a great resource for camera fashion and discussion and I’m glad this exists!


Thanks for sharing your bag, Andy. I understand the allure of the A7, but you shouldn’t let that lovely Canon go to waste.
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