In your bag No: 1200, Ulf Greger
Ulf’s bag has a nice friendly, homely kind of feel to it. I don’t know if it is the waxwear bag or the mishmash of gear inside, but this one is very inviting. Check it out.
Hi my name is Ulf Greger and I live in Norway. Has followed Japan Camera Hunter since I saw your video with DigitalRevTV.

My camera bag right now. Today I’m sending my Fuji X100 away to it’s new owner. This has maybe been my best camera ever. My three Ricoh GR’s I’ve had and my Canon DSLR are also favorites. Going to regret selling it but that’s life. Anyway time for a new ‘my streetphoto to go bag’ picture. Last one with my Fujifilm camera.

My bag is my solid Domke F2. It’s waxed and pretty waterproof. From left upper corner :
ThinkTank waterproof bag protector, use this in heavy snow and rain.
ThinkTank waterproof memory card holder with some CF and SD cards.
Pentax Super ME film camera ( this place in the bag usually occupied by my Canon 5D wich I took this picture with )
Two extra Canon batteries. I dont use the LCD screen much so get about 1400 shots each.
ND filters.
Fujifilm X100 Black Edition ( well RIP ).
Carl Zeiss 2/35 T* Distagon ZE. Easy my best lens for Canon.
Gordy Strap.
A gorillapod tripod. This actually carries my 5D with the Canon 35 f2 IS.
Extra Fujifilm batteries.
Canon 270 EX external flash. Low weight and a solid flash.
– Usually also a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition + 1 extra battery. But not today. So this was by street bag March 27. Also have a small ThinkTank bag for ultra light travel ( Canon 5D / Zeiss 35mm ) and a big bag for outdoors portraits with all my big speedlights, gels and radio triggers. This Domke bag is what I use 80% of the time. Sorry about low quality picture of the bag and gear. Had to shoot it with my Samsung phone.

My website is if anyone reading this want to see my photography blog. I love shooting street photography and portraits.

Best Regards

Ulf Greger

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ulf. I am glad you liked the DigitalRev video. Perhaps we should do another one?
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