In your bag No: 1197, Kirill Zeltser
Not often we get a bag from Russia on the site. Nice to see a young guys shooting some solid film gear though. Come and check out this great setup.

Hi, Bellamy and JCH Readers!
I should apologize for my English.
In few words, my name is Kirill Zeltser, I’m a Russian, 18 y.o. guy, living and studying in Khabarovsk (Far East). I’m shooting not so long ago, only the fourth year. I’d like to present the items of my daily bag, because it tells more about me than I can do.

1. Lowepro Urban Reporter 250
This bag, which I use daily, fell into my hands recently. It was not easy to get this one, but the time and money, spent on its quest, are justified. This comfortable, roomy and sturdy bag was a great replacement to my old backpack Dakine. An excellent protection for cameras from mechanical damages, from moisture. An awesome bag.

2. Yashica electro 35 gsn (Color-yashinon DX 1:1.7 45 mm).
This is my second rangefinder camera, before it I had a Kiev-4. After it was broken, I acquired Yashica. For an amateur reportage camera, I really like it’s semi-automatic diaphragm priority, optics, pretty sharp lens with a beautiful picture, so taking everything into account, I just adore a 45 mm.

3. Nikon f100 + AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D

New for me Nikon F100 with booster MB-15. When it arrived, and I took it in my hands I understood: “Yes, this is for me”. Perfectly ergonomic for me, this camera is really felt in hands; a sufficient number of settings, a rather nimble, strong device… I am pleased with the new purchase. Together with AF Nikkor 50mm f / 1.4D I get the desired results.

4. Film.
At this time in the bag I have:
1. Tasma NK-2, which I expose as 50 ISO.
2. Ilford Pan 50
3. Kodak T-max 400
Basically I use films from 50 to 400 ISO. Usually 100. The ideal ratio for me.

5. Lenspen.
It’s better not to go outdoors without these small things. :)

6. Liner Marvy.
Japanese liner from Marvy. Convenient, opaque pigment. It is the best choice for sketches and records

7. Notebook.
Maybe it should be called “a diary or an organizer”? I have got this diary since the last year with a view to record the technical data of the development of a film \ paper, or some technical observations, and so on, but then, having gone with it to Vietnam, I began to use this notebook as a diary. Essays, short compositions began to appear in its pages. With every month there are fewer technical records, and more and more of my thoughts in it.

8. Book. Charles Bukowski – “Stories of ordinary madness”
C. Bukowski is one of my favorite writers, I am impressed by his “dirty realism”, I really like his style of writing. In his works I often find the most sincere responses. I just want to advise his novel “Ham on Rye”. My favorite book.

9. Notes.
For small notes.

10. Sketchbook “Carton”.
An excellent quality sketchbook with thick paper, easy shirr for holding sheets. I do not regret that I bought this sketchbook

11. Mediator Sepultura.
I play the guitar, and so it is a good idea to keep such thing always with me. Who knows where the road will lead me to. It is the mediator which I bought on the concert of Sepultura held in Khabarovsk 03/30/15. It was wildly cool.

12. Nexus 5.
Just a wonderful phone. It is a strong filling for my tasks, gratefully felt in a hand. One of the bridges of communication with the world. :)

13. Passport.

14. Purse from Saint-Petersburg brand “Anteater”.
Comfortable, practical, roomy, lightweight, it does not occupy much space.

15.Battery Gigabyte RF-G1BB 12000 mAh.
Lifesaver. When my player’s or phone’s charge gets low this miracle-accumulator comes to the rescue, it holds a very large charge, it has an acceptable size and design.

16.Wire for iPod classic,3-meter micro USB, which length allows you do not worry about where to put the battery and a charging device.

17. iPod Classic 160 GB + Sennheiser IE 4.
Quite a good set. Capacity of iPod Classic pleases me more than, 160 Gb it is enough for everything that comes into my head. The only disadvantage of this device is the limitations in terms of musical extensions. Sennheiser IE 4 in combination with this player gives an acceptable, fairly clean (although, looking something to compare, right? :)), The sound, also impossible not to notice, is soft, but has got very nice bass.
I use this set not the first year, it suits me, it is always with me. It helps me enjoy my favorite music. In a sense, we are what we listen to.

18. Zippo.
A necessary small thing.

19.Watch Casio Edifice.
Always on me. If no – I feel very uncomfortable. I’m accustomed. Merged with it.

Some of my work can be found here:

Thanks for attention!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Kirill. That Tasma NK-2 is something I have never heard of, but I want!
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