In your bag No: 1192, Ryan
Ryan is from Hawaii, which is cool, as I like Hawaii. For a tiny island chain in the middle of the Pacific, there is a surprising amount of film shooters there. I always meet cool people when I go there who have bags like this…

Aloha Bellamy aka JCH!

I’m a big fan of “In Your Bag” on your website and the passion you have for photography. I am only a hobbyist myself but hope to build a nice little portfolio so people can appreciate my pictures.

I myself am addicted to bags and I’m honestly never satisfied with one but right now here’s one bag that I’m currently using and I plan on using for a while.

The bag – Dome F-803 (non waxed)

In the bag
Nikonos V with a DSPTCH neck strap
Contax T3 with a Gordy’s wrist strap
Canon T60
Pocket knife
lens cleaner
iPhone 5S
Moleskine journal
Monster Powerbeats 2 Bluetooth
Ilford FP4
Rollei RPX 25
Kodak 400TX
Kodak 100TMax
Cinestill 800
Agfa Vista 400

Right now because I just started getting into it, I’m trying out lots of different film to see how they come out, what film fits with what type of shooting. I’ve also been doing a lot of B&W film because I’ve started developing my own film in the bathroom using Kodak D-76, Ilfostop, and Kodak Fixer.
It’s been super fun doing everything so far. Only frustrating thing is learning everything I can about photography. From composition, depth of field, natural lighting, even got Skillshare and just learn from professionals. It’s been an epic ride so far. I also got to meet cool people on Instagram who’s been helping me get better with developing. I just wish I still lived on Kauai when I starting doing film photography. Now I only use my Nikonos for just water parks and rain haha. I hope to keep getting better and then I’ll feel comfortable sharing my accounts. Until then, Aloha and A Hui Ho!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ryan. It is cool to hear how you are getting into developing.
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