In your bag No: 1190, Theo Pond
Something a bit different from the usual submissions today. Theo shares with us not his bag, but his jacket. Sometimes you can just rock with what you have in your pockets. Check it out.

My submission is “In your coat pockets” since I prefer not to carry a bag if I can avoid it, hope that’s OK… maybe I’ll send a bag shot in when it gets too hot to wear a coat all the time?

Anyway I’m Theo, currently living in Tokyo, planning to go back to London some day.

I first got into photography a few years ago, actually I’d been interested in it for a while but never picked up a camera myself. Then I started shooting film about 2 years ago, from curiosity to begin with but before too long I was shooting more film than digital, and since I killed my much loved Ricoh GRDIII last summer it’s probably 95% film. I would say street photography is what I do the most but I never really share any of the results, maybe I should focus on something else. Recently I’ve been experimenting with my B&W dev process just for my own entertainment, I’d like to get in a darkroom and make some prints but I don’t have the opportunity for now.

As for the stuff in the photos, the coat is just a cheap winter coat from Uniqlo, other than the fact it was cheap I like it because it’s warm, has good pockets, and doesn’t make me look completely terrible at least. In the pockets (or over my shoulder/in my hand) I have:

-Ricoh GR1v, loaded with Tri-X most of the time. Also some old slip on filter I found in my box of camera junk that roughly fits on it. Despite the reputation it has for fragility this camera has survived being dropped a whole lot and soaked in the rain not a few times. I thought the last soaking had finally finished it off but it was fine once it dried. I’m not entirely convinced it focuses properly but I rarely take it off snap mode anyway.

-Pentax K5 with Helios 44-M. I’ve been trying to use longer lenses than usual and it’s a nice portrait length on APS-C. Normally I carry a Pentax Super A but I’m enjoying this combo at the moment.

-Wallet – my girlfriend bought it for me in the new year to bring me good fortune with money this year. I am still broke so far.

-Notebook and pen – I love this notebook (made by Zequenz). It’s really flexible and hard wearing so it’s good for pockets or disorganised bags, and writing on in awkward places.

-Electrical tape – it’s very useful stuff, and it can make problematic cameras light tight.

-Empty film canister – for finished rolls, sometimes I take a spare roll as well, my freezer is empty just right now though. It’s also keeping a couple of rubber bands stored tidily.

-120 spool – I started leaving one in my pocket (and one in my bag) after managing to go out with camera and film but no take up spool a couple of times.

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Thanks for sharing your coat with us, Theo. I actually have a very similar Jacket from Uniqlo, haha.
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