In your bag No: 1185, kemal 
A lovely straightforward setup from Berlin today. It is definitely cool to see a classic minolta being put through its paces.
Check this one out.

Hello Friends,
my name is Kemal and I’m studying Business-Law in Berlin. Before that, I was a volunteer in Israel and thats where my passion for photography took off again 4 years ago. At that time, I just had a beet up Lumix digital camera that came with a Leica lens. I really liked that camera and it served me well but broke down on me after I took it to the beach. Off I went and bought an used Canon G12 then – and wow – was I fascinated by its low light capabilities!

When I came to Berlin for studying right after my year in Israel, I also went to the local auctions to support myself financially. Back home I always went to those auctions to buy stuff and sell it later on craigslist. After some while I found myself a Minolta X-700 with 6 lenses. I didn’t know anything about film cameras back then, so I was disappointed by the offers I got on craigslist. After a couple of weeks I thought to myself: just keep the nice little Minolta MD 45mm f2 and try that Minolta X700! I sold all the teles and asked a guy from work (I need to work part time) for help. After we found the right battery, everything was working fine and I loved working with film and and exclusively shoot film since then.

After a year of using the Minolta X-700 I found your blog and saw a Picture of the Minolta XD-s – I just fell in love! I got myself one on ebay and hunted for the notoriously good MD Rokkor-PG 50mm f1.4. And well, that combo is a love affair for me now! When I’m on my way, I always have a good little compact with me (right now it’s the Olympus XA).

The content of my Frankonia bag:
Minolta XD7 with Rokkor-PG 50mm f1.4
Minolta 320X Flash with walimex Diffusor
Cable Release
Lens Pen
Bogen Mini Tripod
Case Logic Quick Sling
Olympus XA
Moleskin Notepad
Motorola Razr
Fisher Space Pen
Inova Micro Light STS
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
Element Bottle by alfi (stay hydrated guys!)

Flickr:[email protected]
Kind Regards from Berlin

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Kemal. That XD7 is super cool.
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