In your bag No: 1184, Mathieu Lalonde

Hello everyone!

My name is Mathieu Lalonde, you may remember me from In your bag sections such as No 1021.
Winter is over and I am back from hibernation. Living in Canada isn’t easy, and a lot has changed during these few months. For starters, I am now one year older than last time. I have also started to explore the realm of medium format. So today, I’ll present you my MF gear!

In my bag:

-Bronica ETRSi: I bought it on KEH in october 2014. I’ve been shooting mostly HP5 with it for the convenience of black and white. The lens is amazing and it produces images of great quality. It’s a joy to use, and looking through the waist level finder is a unique experience. I highly recommend the ETRSi.

-Sekonic L-318B: It’s a simple lightmeter. I got it on KEH for dirt cheap (something like 30$). It does the job fine even if it’s not the best lightmeter around. For the price, it’s more than decent.

-Film: I usually carry 5 rolls of HP5 and 5 rolls of Portra. I used some black and white recently, so I’m a little behind. I liek to carry a lot of rolls with me, I live far away from everything and film is about one hour away from my home. I can’t be shopping for some all the time, so I stock some and they last me a while.

-Spools: I like to carry extra spools. It’s usually helpful if a fellow MF shooter needs one or if I loose one.

-USB key: I have a Lexar 4GB key with me if I need to pick up some scans or whatever. It’s pretty useful to have some kind of memory with you.

That’s it. My MF gear is pretty basic. I’ve paid under 500$ for everything in here. I carry all this stuff inside a Nikon messenger bag with a carefully hidden logo.

You can see my work in multiple places. I’ve started to reach out more during these harsh winter nights. Here’s some links.





Thanks for sharing your bag with us again, Mathieu. I love the layout of the bag shot.
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