In your bag No: 1178, Lars-Göran Hedström
Lars-Göran has been on the site a few times, and now he is back with another film stuffed bag for you all to drool over. Check out this beauty.

I have been using a Crumpler New Dehli 510 for many years now. The Crumpler New Dehli is a ordinary kind of messenger bag. But I always have been looking for a sling bag type. Somehow I appreciate if I can easily swing my bag from my front to my back. Use it messenger style or back pack style. On the net I found a bag designed by photographer Ari Marcropoulos ( Checking out on his webbsite I thought that his bag might be the answer to my wish. I ordered the Marcropoulos bag from incase This is a bag I really fancy and use in home and on travel. It´s rather compact but can take a lot of stuff. It´s easy to sling frontal or back. On one of the shortsides there is a carrying handle which makes it really easy to sling the back back and forth. A nice thing is that the Marcropoulos bags color may serve as grey (white) reference and there is also a small grayscale on the back as well (part of this scale can be seen in my picture), nice for post in Lightroom to find the correct color balance.

When travelling I usually carry a analog as well as a digital camera. In most cases I pack my beloved completely mechanical Leica M4-P. Need no batteries ever. Works always. Sometime I exchange the M4-P for my Leica M7 (which by the way I bought from JCH). As light meter I use a Lumu attachment and soft ware in my iPhone 5 ( The Lumu light meter really works, both as an incident light and reflected light meter. And I really gives correct and accurate metering.

In my Ari Marcropoulos bag also goes a iPad (not in the picture!) and an analog note book. The other camera has been my Leica M9 but half a year ago I fallen for the new Leica T. It´s a magnificent camera with a really easy to use menue system. It´s all a Appelesque way of using the Leica T camera. No deep menues to explore and searcheways to forget. Just push the correct ikon. Lovely! No buttons that cluster the camera just two wheels – wonderful! It´s a compact an light APS-C camera which I find to be a fully sufficient format. To my Leica T I have a Leica M-lens adapter (of course). I use my Leica M primes on my Leica T as well. Though I have the nice Summicron T 2/28 (35 mm equivalent on a 35 mm camera).

The lenses i carry along is the super sharp Super-Elmar 3,4/21 ASPH, the lovely drawing Elmarit 2,8/28 ASPH (which I use most of the time), Summilux 1,4/50 ASPH (for night and shallow depth pictures). And for distant subjects I carry along the good old, but heavy, Tele-Elmar 4/135.

Normally I bring along all analog Ag-films in my JapanCameraHunter cases. As you can see tiday I use CineStill film for color and BW as well as Ilford Delta 400 and 3200.
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Lars-Göran Hedström, Varberg, Sweden

Thanks for coming back to us again, Lars. It is always nice to see what you are carrying.
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