In your bag 1161, Graham Bell
Graham shares with us a great bag today. A very modern camera, a classic camera and a very well known Japanese photobook. Check it out.

Hey, I’m Graham living in Manchester, UK.

Whilst living and travelling in Asia a few years I grew to love travel photography and I’ve been lucky to visit some amazingly photogenic places during that time.

I started off with pocket cameras before getting my first DSLR which sparked my interest in photography. Since then I have moved onto Micro Four Thirds and then the Sony NEX series. All have taught me that the camera is just a tool, although experimenting with film is fun and I’ve enjoyed taking my time on each shot with various 35mm cameras.

At the moment I’ve just invested in the Samsung NX series as their prime lenses are small and surprisingly affordable (Samsung are pricing their equipment lower than their competitors as they are relatively new to the camera world). I have three lenses which cover all the bases from wide angle zoom to standard and portrait primes. It will be nice to see a Samsung NX bag on JCH!

In addition I like a small 35mm film camera in my bag as the images that come from film have a completely different feel and look to my digital photos.

In my bag:

Samsung NX3000 – love the vintage look and large APS-C sensor
Samsung 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 – pancake zoom which means I never miss a shot
Samsung 30mm f/2.0 – pancake fixed length prime which is sharp across the frame
Samsung 45mm f/1.8 – small portrait lens which is fast and razor sharp

Konica C35 AF2 – Great compact 35mm camera with a fast f/2.8 lens

Strange Weather In Tokyo – Fantastic novella from Hiromi Kawakami

Swiss Mondaine Watch

Dr Dre Beats Solo headphones

Moleskine Notebook

Hope you enjoyed my bag and you can see my work on my blog:

Have a nice day!


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Graham. Nice to see an AF2, they are pretty rare now.
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