In your bag 1160, Preston
A high school senior that is shooting film? You better believe it. Come and have a look at this fantastically straightforward bag.

My name is Preston, and I’m a high school senior from Virginia, U.S.A. I’ve taken photography seriously for about two years. As I’ve been developing (heh) my interest in photography, I’ve found that film is my favorite photographic medium. I love the process and the extra care I take in making photographs. I process and print myself, and I enjoy learning new techniques and processes. This is my film camera bag. I carry this pretty much everywhere unless I’m bringing my DSLR as well, and in that case most of this will fit in my digital bag.

I am traveling to the Dominican Republic in the summer and I believe this is the setup I will take there. I’m very excited about my Film-only trip.


– The bag. This belonged to my friend’s mother, who used it to store her Pentax K1000 in the 1970’s. Awesome bag, and isn’t flashy or big.

– Sekonic L-518 light meter.

– Yashica-D TLR with Yashikor lenses. This is my favorite camera and the Yashikor lenses give a nice aesthetic to photos. Who needs a 4th element anyway? (Don’t answer that)

– Canon Canonet QL17 rangefinder. This is a fairly recent acquisition, and I really love using this camera. It has a dead meter, but I’ve found that keeping the camera in my right jacket pocket and the light meter in the left pocket makes shooting really quick. Just check the meter whenever the light changes and pre-set the camera.

– Lens Pen. A handy thing.

– Pencil for writing things.

– Note cards. Also for writing things. Might be replaced by a notebook whenever I get around to that.

– Spare battery for the light meter.

– Little pocketknife with a picture of a locomotive on it. Its sole purpose in life is to cut the tape on 120 films.

– Film. Right now I’ve got some rebranded 120 films (Arista EDU 100 is Foma, Ultrafine Extreme 400 is Ilford.) In 35mm, I have some Tri-X, a couple rolls of Kodak slide film, and one very lonely roll of HP5 that I found in my school’s darkroom.

– Lens hood and lens cap for the Yashica. Unfortunately that lens is pretty flare-prone.

You can find my photos at:

Best regards,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Preston. I am glad to hear you are finding a passion with shooting film. Have a fun trip.
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