In your bag 932, Keren Wang
Keren shares with us his street setup. Which includes a super cool pinhole camera. Check it out.

Hey JCH! Now it’s my turn to share my bag with you guys!
It does not show my DSLR equipment that I use less and less now, but rather the bag that I carry around everyday – my EDC. I am a 20 year old Electrical Engineering Student at the ETH in Zurich, currently working on my Bachelor. That’s why nowadays I sadly don’t get enough time to go out and shoot. Depending on the day, I might leave some of the stuff at home, as there is not enough space in my Billingham, if I want to take my Macbook with me. The Contax T2 you see in the photo – I bought it from you! It’s an amazing little shooter. I develop the B/W Film myself at the uni’s lab, that I am also currently organising/managing. We still get one or two guys a week that wants to develop film!

The rundown (from left to right):
-Ipad 4 & textbooks
-eyelead blower
-TI N-Spire CX
-Kindle Paperwhite
-Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 with Adapter(i also have some other legacy glass etc. depends. but I am a 35-50 guy)
-Ostrich pillow light (gotta take a nap once in a while)
-SIGG Travel Bottle
-Moleskines, notebooks
-Caran D’ache pens
-Skap wallet (that is falling apart)
-A7 with Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 ZM & batteries
-Contax T2
-“Pocket” knife
-Hp5+, Agfa, Kodak
-Harman Ilford 4×5 Pinhole (then I also carry my Manfrotto)
-Savinelli Pipe & Tobacco (smoking kills!)

I have a Freitag bag – something very swiss. But then I found a second hand, almost new Billingham Hadley Pro for half price and now I am using that. It’s much lighter than my Freitag and I like how you can take the insert with all my photo gear out and use the bag for other items.

Nowadays I am shooting a lot of street. First, it was more or less a dare, but now I really enjoy it. After seeing some Erick Kim videos, I started to let the people on the street to pose for me. Oh! And mastering the “I am not looking at you, but over your shoulder” trick is a must for street!
Some of my photographs can be seen here:
You can also find me on Facebook at:

Keep it up JCH! Very Best Regards,

Keren Wang

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Keren. That is a cool pinhole camera you have there.
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