In your bag 926, Nathan Anderson
Nathan shares with us his photowalk bag. And a pretty nifty bag it is too. Check it out.

Below I’ve included my photowalk bag. The bag itself is French military surplus, lined with leather, and is almost indestructible. The guy I bought it from said it was an ammunition case and came from the war in Algeria, so it needed to be strong to carry a lot of weight, but not metal, so it wouldn’t heat up and cook off the rounds in the desert. Regardless, it holds a camera and I waxed the canvas to make it mostly waterproof. It perfectly fits a small camera bag insert from Timbuk2, into which I put either my Nikon or Leica kit.

Leica M4 with Tap&Dye strap. I bought this after reading your article on “what is the best Leica M for your”, and I decided I wanted meterless to teach me how to do it, but I wanted the attached takeup spool and modern rewind knob.

35mm Summicron f/2 – fantastic lens, almost always my first choice

90mm Summarit f/2.5 – I only use it occasionally, but it’s been wonderful

Nikon FM3a – This is just about the perfect camera. I wear glasses, so the Leica viewfinder is occasionally a challenge, but this all manual masterpiece works just fine. I usually have the

45mm f/2.8P with its goofy cone shaped hood on there.

85mm f/1.4D I just like the longer focal length. You can see there’s a yellow filter for black and white film on it.

Ricoh GR – This is the perfect digital camera. I bought it as an upgrade from the GRD3, which was the first camera I used to get into street photography, after being inspired by Michael Penn’s work. ( Regardless of the film camera I’m carrying, I usually have this in the bag as well just because it is small and light, and can double as a meter in tricky situations.

Your 35mm film case, filled with Tri-X and Portra, both ISO 400 so I don’t have to worry about ISO when figuring out the metering on the Leica.

I too many cameras, as I’m recovering from a terrible case of gear acquisition syndrome, but I’m trying to simplify and focus more on the craft than the tools. For now this kit works for me for street work and general travel documentation. I have a medium format kit as well, which is great for landscapes, but is tough to carry around. When I get that sorted, I’ll send you a pic.

Check out my Flickr at[email protected]/

All the best,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Nathan. Nice and simple.
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