In your bag 922, Danny Bortz
A pretty tight setup today. Three outstanding street cameras that I would happily carry around in my bag.

I finally got a chance to get my cameras together to show my ideal set up for my photography. The kind of photos I take vary between street, documentary and a mix of personal photographs and of course general things of interest. I started out shooting on film so my bag is all analog, I tried to make use of digital briefly but it just was not for me.

In my bag I use the following (from left to right):
– Wood Wood Rick Bag: Similar shape to the Fjallraven bags some may be familiar with.

– Ricoh GR1: Mainly filled with HP5 or another B/W film.

– Olympus Mjuii: Filled with colour film I use this for shots of friends or on nights out as it is easily replaceable if damaged, but also produces excellent results.

– Contax G2 with 28mm lens & Wood Wood X Porter camera strap: With a fantastic design this thing provides great results every time, the photos I take are often quick and spontaneous and the point and shoot like accuracy of this works well with my style of photography.

– Leather case for G2

– JCH film case. Ideally 6 B/W and 6 colour. Varying from HP5, XP2 and Tri-X for B/W. Colour I use Portra 160 (not ideal but I got a good price), Superia 400, Kodak Ultramax 400 and Gold 200.

– iPhone (I have since upgraded to a black 5): My only digital shooter.

– Leuchtturm blank notebook & pen.

– A magazine of some sort to kill time

Currently I am in the process of doing a mass scanning/archiving of my photos to create my portfolio website so to view more work you can see my blog and follow me on Flickr (which is due an update) for now.[email protected]/
Instagram: @pdyx

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for sharing. Nice to see the film case on show.
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