In your bag 909, Matt Degreff
Phew, better late than never. A great still life-esque bag for your enjoyment.

Hi, my name is Matt Degreff. I work in the motion picture biz as a filmmaker, camera assistant, and aerial camera technician. I also do all the still photos and videos for my wife’s blog, I love all things camera and I thought I might submit this bag that I packed for a Memorial day weekend road trip. I have many, many cameras and decide what to bring based on what i’m going to be shooting and where.

This bag is a daypack from Poler, who make great backpacks, coats, and tents.

The first camera is my minolta Hi-Matic E loaded with 400TX. I got it on Etsy for $26 and had to do some soldering work on the battery connector, but it functions great now.

The second is my canon A2E, which is cheap and great because I can use all my lenses that I have from my digital cameras.

I packed a couple rolls of 100 speed film since we were going to spend most of the weekend outdoors and at the beach (hence the sunglasses, sunscreen and water bottle).

The book is “Herzog on Herzog”, a series of interviews with the legendary filmmaker, one of my heroes.

My website with my film and photo portfolio is and my blog with posts about my film cameras and travels is

Thanks very much, JCH is great!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Matt. That is a very nicely laid out picture.
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