In your bag 903, Guillaume Briere-Soude
A very cool bag and some very cool T-shirts. I wonder where he got those?

At first : sorry for my English…. Yeah, you got me ! …. I’m french;-)

My name is Guillaume (mean William) BRIERE-SOUDE and I’m 38 years old.
I’am a psychiatric nurse, and a french amateur photographer. I live and work in Rouen (140km north Paris).

And also …. I am an addict. I was suffering of the G.A.S. I bought and sold a lot of equipment. (Sony Nex 7, A7, Leica M9 .etc…) I hope I’m done with that…. but I’m not sure.


Here is my bag. A Retrospective® 7 pinestone (ThinkTank photo).
But I have also a Retrospective® 5 in black, which is lighter.

My primary camera is the Leica M6. (with the MP viewfinder)

With it, I use 3 lenses :

50 Summicron-M f2 type IV

35 Summarit-M f2,8 (really good for the price !)

90 M-Rokkor f4 (the Minolta CLE’s 90)

My second is a Fujifilm X100s. I use this one when I am with my family or for a specific project.

My last one is a Kiev 60 with a Volna 80mm f2,8. I just received it from Moldavia. I loaded a Tri-X. That seems to be ok.

And I’m pretty sure you recognize the t-shirts.

You can see my photographs here :
or here :

Thank you, I love your blog !
Guillaume B-S.

Thanks for sharing your bag and the shirts with us Guillaume (you can get yours here Cool stuff.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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