In your bag number 90, Alex Bourassa-Young
Another day goes by and another bag comes to us to share. This time the bag is from Canada. The bag itself is one that I actually own as well, so that is always nice to see. Anyway, to the Bag Cave, Alex….

Hello, my name is Alex Bourassa-Young and I live just outside of Toronto, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
I am 26 years old and I am enrolled in a Geology/Environmental Science program at a local college. I worked for a few years when I was younger as a commercial advertising photographer but I stepped away from the commercial world for the most part to develop my own projects. I now have a small group of clients as well as shooting my own projects.
My personal projects revolve around travel and the environment; I am currently working on a project chronicling environmental degradation due to resource extraction.
I have always loved film and although I have a digital set-up it is rarely used. I have typically found it hard to settle on one set-up but these cameras have been in my bag for the last while and I love them.

Leica Minilux in black:
I really love this camera, the lens is super sharp and the camera is quick and simple, great for snapping shots that require quick action. And it looks pretty sleek in black!
Voigtlander Bessa-R:
Nice, clean, reliable, and screw-mount. The rangefinder is super bright too!

Nikkor-S.C. 5cm f1.4:
This lens is great, flat field, super contrasty. Great colour.
Canon Lens Mug:
A recent camera nerd acquisition that I picked up in Toronto
Domke f3:
Great bag, and looks great.
Kodak Portra 400:
I love kodak’s colour, I will shoot it as long as I can.

Thanks for looking, I like traveling light and these cameras do the trick.

A lovely bag and a lovely description. Check out Alex’s links, they are great. And comment too, that is always nice. Thanks for sharing Alex.

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