In your bag No: 649, Michel Eberhard
We have a cheesy bag for you today? Why is it cheesy? Come and find out why.

Hi, my name is Michel Eberhard and I am from Gouda (yes, cheese-central) in Holland. Professionally I work in IT, but photography has been my hobby and passion since I was a child. As the contents of my bag might give away, I am not a big fan of digital photography. I just don’t like it, can’t wrap my head around the infinite possibilities of digital files. Film is my medium of choice, and I try to shoot whatever and wherever I can.

The cameras in my bag vary from time to time, depending on what I want to do. But this is more or less the standard kit I take on the road. Perhaps another time I will submit another bag, with the rest of my camera’s. I try to use prime lenses as much as I can; sneakerzoom simply works better for me than ‘normal’ zoom, and by defenition it allows me to use much better lenses. So, let’s start:

1: Lowepro Flipside 400AW bag. I love this bag, it has enormous space in the back, many pockets for all kinds of small things, comfortable waist straps, and best of all, rainwater stays out. I sometimes also hook my Manfrotto carbonfiber tripod on the front (not in the picture).

2: Miranda Auto Sensorex EE + Auto Miranda E 28mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.8 lenses. Quirky but very solid camera I mostly use for wide-angle shots. The 50mm is just a backup lens. Lovely detail on this camera is that the prism can be removed for TLR-style waist level shooting.

3: Canon Ixus L-1. To much grief of some more professional photo-friends, I just love this little APS camera. The lens is fantastic, it operates quickly and quietly, and APS can still be developed.

4: Nikon FE + Panagor PMC Auto Tele 135mm 2.8. Still flawlessly operating classic Nikon with a (to my needs) perfect portrait lens. Full metal with built-in sunflare cap, it operates and feels like it was new. And I only paid about 40US$ (converted) for this little gem.

5: My favorite, the Yashica Electro 35GX with the super 1.7 Color-Yashinon 40mm lens. After some intensive searching I was lucky to find this rare camera basically around the corner from where I live, in used, but good working condition. It’s silent, compact, black(!) and has parallax-correction. You just can’t go wrong!

6: Olypmus Pen Lite E-PL3. I admit I use this sometimes for the occasional Facebook pictures, but I like it mostly for (holiday) movies. It just looks good on a widescreen LCD TV. The kitlens is actually not that bad, but the rest of this camera is strange to say the least. The little flash unit is basically useless, as well as the flip-screen on the back. It only tilts horizontally!

7: All the rest:

Some film, not too many, the rest stays in the fridge.
Lens cleaning cloth
Spare SD-card
iPod for music as well as taking notes of where I am, what I’m shooting, which film is in which camera etc.
Air-blow-thingie for what I don’t want to clean with the cloth
Nikon flash-unit, just in case
Lens caps. I never leave home without them

And that about wraps it up. Thank you Bellamy for your fantastic website, I am visiting it more and more these days.


Some film stuff on Lomography:

Some film and digital stuff on Flickr:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Michel. I have been to Gouda, it is a lovely town. Nice to see a good mix of film and digital.
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