In your bag No: 643, Scott Griffin
Today we have a students bag for you. Scott is still studying but manages to find the time to shoot (and collect cameras). Come and have a look at this great user bag.

My name is Scott Griffin. I’m entering my second year at University of California Santa Cruz and have only been infected with the photo bug for about two years. It all started when a distant relative of mine, Dave Petit, a renowned landscape photographer, gifted me his old Canon AT-1. I then decided to enter into the digital game when I purchased my T2i about a year ago this month. The rest is history. I have no real training except for a couple intro courses in high school and college. Here is a list of gear i have been able to collect over the past couple years(sorry for the poor image quality, I had to commandeer my little sister’s point and shoot camera):

-Canon T2i

-Canon Eos 1n: actually got this camera with a 50mm 1.8 on it for $15!(don’t think the guy knew what he had)

-Pentax k1000

-Canon AT-1

-Canon 50mm f1.8: Eos mount and one FD mount

-Canon 40mm f2.8: one of my favorite lenses!!!

-Canon 18-55mm kit lens

-Vivitar 28mm f2.5 FD mount

-Tokina 35-135mm FD

-Pentax SMC-M 50mm f2

-Lowepro photo-traveler 150: I actually only use this bag when going long distance. when staying close to home i simply choose a camera to take with me for the day

-Films: I am still trying to find my favorite film, but right now I am shooting Fuji Superia 200 and think we might have a winner. super cheap and pretty good results

well thats the gear I tend to use most. I have a lot of other more antique equipment like rolleicords and voigtlanders, etc., sitting around but I find these ones give me the results. you can find me on flickr[email protected]/ and on tumblr

Scott Griffin

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Scott. I hope that your photography habit doesn’t interfere with your studies too badly. Happy shooting.
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