In your bag number 58, Steve Calder
How are my wonderful bag lovers doing? Hope you are all well and getting stuck in to your new projects. We have an another cool bag for you today. This one has quite a unique feel to it as well. I shall let the owner, Steve, tell you all about it:

Hello, my name is Steve and photography is what I would call a serious hobby. I’m based in Victoria, Canada, but spend a few weeks a year in Japan.

I don’t carry all of this around every day. In fact, I usually only go out with one camera / one lens as that just seems to make everything less stressful. I don’t like bags that look like camera bags, so here is my very non-standard way of carrying things around.

So here is a breakdown of what’s in the shot:

On the top left we have my Fujica GW690, with leather strap and custom leather case. Wonderful medium format rangefinder – my favorite camera right now. To the right of that we have my dad’s old Yashica 635. Not a rare or exceptional camera in any way, but a nice TLR that takes images I’m happy with. It probably gets the most comments out of any of the cameras I have, however.

I put either the Yashica or the Fujica in the Onitsuka Tiger shoulder bag. Directly to the right of that bag is a WWII ammunition case that perfectly holds 4 rolls of 120 flim. I can put more in a small inner pouch of the shoulder bag if I’m planning on shooting a lot.

Below the Onitsuka Tiger bag we have a Fuji film case courtesy of Japan Camera Hunter. My 35mm film cameras consist of a Minolta 7000 (from my father in law) and an Olympus Sylus Epic I bought when I was in my early 20’s (now in my 30s, still working fine).

The brown leather bag to the right is a WWII Telephone Bag. This is a really cool bag a friend of mine found at a swap meet and fixed up for me. I actually almost always carry this with me – it usually just has wallet / keys / phone if I don’t have any cameras on me, but otherwise it also holds either of the 35mm cameras and the film case.

To the right of that is an old Polaroid camera case converted to be a small shoulder bag. I really only use this when I’m travelling very light – it fits wallet/keys/phone, and that’s about it. Usually in that case I’d put a few extra rolls of film in a jacket pocket, throw one of the cameras around my neck, and head out.

And that’s it!

Not shown: my digital gear (Nikon D90, 12-24 F4 DX, 60mm 2.8 Micro) and the Domke F-5XZ that they live in, speedlights (2 x SB600, 1 x SB28), iPhone (my light meter and notepad), wallet.



Cheers for sharing your bag and your story Steve. It is always interesting to see how people acquire their bits and pieces.
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