In your bag number 47, Paul Clements
Seems like we have loads of bags at the moment, and this is great. Today’s bag is from Paul in the UK. It seems that Paul is a Domke fan, so he is a man after my own heart. Over to you Paul:

my name is Paul Clements and I am a Professional Photographer living in London.UK who shoots film as much as I possibly can. Most of the people I work for want digital and I usually have too succumb…but not always! It’s just not me though, it’s not my cup of tea…it doesn’t make me happy and I find it a little souless. Digital is convenient…but then again, so are Oven Chips…
I think I will be advertising myself in the future as a ‘Film-Photographer Only’ and see what happens….although I think I may already know the answer!

However, this is my main set-up for editorial/reportage, both for work and personal projects if using film. I do tend to use Nikon but have a couple of Leicas and a Mamiya 7 that I do use as well (I’ll send you that set-up another time!) plus Bowen Studio Lights, reflectors, etc. that I can throw in the back of the car. These two Nikon FM2n’s have been with me a while and I really like them…small, compact and do the job. Film..well Tri-X, I just keep coming back too…it’s always there. Colour, I will shoot Portra 160 or 400. Domke Bags… I love them. The F3x…you can squeeze a lot into and it is easily accessible, although so is ‘Dust & Dirt’… which you have to keep an eye out for! Just picked up an Artisan& Artist ACAM-7100 Bag, but I don’t think I will be able to get all of this in there..

* Nikon FM2n & MD-11 x2
* Nikon 24mm` F2.8
* Nikon 35mm F 2.0
* Nikon 50mm F1.8
* Nikon 85mm F1.8
* Nikon SB-26 Flash with Sto-Fen Diffuser
* Nikon SC -17 Flash Chord
* Sekonic L-608 Light Meter

Love reading, so always have a book with me. If travelling overnight or overseas then I take a Sony ICF-Short Wave W100 Radio and antenna extension as well. Palestinian embroidered business card holder, Leatherman ‘Juice’ Multi-tool, Small Pen Torch, Cloths (to wrap cameras up in) Moleskin note book and Pens…I love writing! A Domke X-Ray Protection Film Holder for pesky scanning machines…they’re everywhere… and a cleaning cloth and brush!



All the very best, Paul

Thanks Paul, brilliant bag and brilliant description.

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