In your bag 258, Anton Smuglienko
A fantastic bag from Russia today. I always love the Russian bags because they have such interesting cameras in them. Come and have a look at Anton’s bag.

Hello, my name is Anton Smuglienko, I’m 19 and I’m a photography student from Russia.
For some unknown to me reason I still exclusively shoot film and I’m ok with that.
I prefer shooting street photography but I think that photography shouldn’t be so strict as some people implies it is so I like to use lomography and other stuff, at the moment I trying out infrared and 110 photography. I have a pretty bad case of GAS(gear acquisition syndrome) so my cameras jumping in and out of my bag every day, here is my recent combo.
1.Bag-15$ unnamed bag from ebay.Good looking and it carries things.
2.Yashica electro 35 gsn- my go to camera. Trying to shoot some street photography with it.
3.Minolta 110 zoom slr- since lomography released 110 film I decided to buy this camera.
4.Bronica ETRS (handmade blue edition)- Got it for 50$, it’s like an old muscle car- breaks every week but then it works oh boy it works.
5.Holga CFN- got it for free from my friends at lomography embassy SPb.
6.Film: Neopan 400\100 for street action, Kodak pro 160- like it better than portra for some reason, Fuji pro- 400 for low light situations, 110 cassette loaded with kodak surveillance film.
7.Stuff: ipod, headphones,yashica filters, minolta hood, holga duct tape, bronica strap.

Here is my flickr and lomography accounts

Have a nice day everybody.

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag with us Anton. I love the Minolta 110. It looks like some kind of futuristic weapon. What a cool camera.
Check out Anton’s links and make sure you come and comment.

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