In your bag number 253, Jeremy Chua
Back into Asia today with a sweet bag from Singapore. Jeremy is using a Swat tactical bag to shoot film and digital on the streets of Singapore. Come and have a closer look.

I’m Jeremy Chua a freelance photographer & student from Singapore, currently doing my BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging.
My love for photography started after using old film cameras (if i recall, one of them was a yashica t4- sweet camera!) that my dad lent to me when i was 14 to take pictures of school life..etc.
Being bombarded with digital and tech stuff these days, I still feel that analog film still has its role and can produce images that cannot be fully replicated by any digital means; software etc.

Working with photography for many assignments in school sometimes took the fun out of it, so I’ll spend my free time shooting casually with film. I love shooting streets, landscapes and documentary photo essays as i’m interested in the lives of people around, the issues that they face, the emotions that they portray and the little things in life that are taken for granted, being an observer to a world of relations.

Alright enough of me blabbering on, what would normally be in my bag would be:

– a Nikon D700 with my favourite tiny sharp lens the 35mm f/2 AFD
– a tokina 20-35mm lens for times of wide-angle cravings
– baby Bessa R2M with a voigtlander color skopa ii 35mm f/2.5
– Variety of films: Fuji Pro 400h , Kodak Ektar 100 (RIP Kodak), Fuji Neopan 400 awesome black and white film- sometimes use Ilford HP5 as well
– Some CF cards and a polarizing filter which I keep forgetting about all stuffed into a Sanwa pouch
– Cleaning cloth and blower

and the bag’s a swat tactical bag i got off ebay but thinkgeek sells it as “Timmy’s Tactical Attaché” –
love this bag as its waterproof, has a huge amount of exterior pockets – the tiny ones fit film + plastic covers snugly

Thanks for your time!

Instagram: jiatlormee


Thanks for sharing your awesome bag with us Jeremy. I love the tactical bag, it is very cool.
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