In your bag number 250, Jocelen Janon
Todays bag comes to you from the southern hemisphere. Jocelen is a photographer based in New Zealand and he carries around a very cool bag. come and have a closer look.

Here is my daily bag.
I am usually shooting with Nikon cameras (D700 & D800), but this is the bag I carry when I am on holidays or on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand.
I started photography many moons ago by shooting film, I moved to digital in 2002 and I am now back to shoot a bit of film again.
I am a French Portrait and Documentary photographer based in New Zealand.

My bag was hand made by Scott Rawlings in Utah (USA). I love it: it is spacious, very solid and waterproof: Auckland is very humid and we have rain all the time.
I swap cameras time to time but at the moment I carry:
– Mamiya 6 which I love. At the moment I shoot a lot of Portra 400 ISO, but I tend to try anything I can put my hand on, like the Across 100 I have in here too.
Lens is 75mm F3.5. Strap by Riley G.
– Voigtlander R4A with color-skopar 21mm F4. It has a Ilford HP5 in it. In the bag I also have Ilford FP4+ 125 ISO and Kodak TMax 400 ISO.
– Lumix GF1 with 20mm F1.7. In my view possibly the best pancake lens ever produced. I usually shoot square with that camera: I use it for street photography. A bit like a cheap digital version of an old 120 camera…
– Manuka honey lozenges in their yellow wrapping: it is winter here…
– Pantone pencil and pen.
– Rhodia book note and Moleskine Diary.
– A stack of postcards advertising my current exhibition (and then I can drop some everywhere I go).
– ‘Canteen’ bandana. Canteen is the New Zealand organisation supporting young people living with cancer in New Zealand. With my friend Bryan we are helping them with our photography.

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Thanks for sharing your cool bag with us. I lived in Auckland for a while and it is a city that I love. It is great to see a bag from there on the site.
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