In your bag number 249, Christopherr Mendoza
Eh buddy! We have a bag for you from Canada today. As you can see by the sticker. Come and see what Christopherr keeps in his bag.

Greetings from Toronto, Canada…EH! :)

Here is a capture of my photography set up. I normally don’t carry all this stuff together at once. In my perfect scenario when I go out shooting, I would only carry one camera with a strap and that is it. I hate carrying stuff that is not needed. This photo just shows all my main pieces of gear related to street photography.

I first discovered and fell in love with street photography while I was living in London, UK about 2 years ago. Prior to that, I never touched a camera since my high school years (10+ years ago). Im so happy to have found street photography as its given me another outlet to stay creative. I am a graphic / web designer by day.

1) My bag is a Billingham Hadley Large. Simple, stylish with great quality. The only reason why I chose the large size was that I needed it to fit my MacBook Pro for days when I need to lug around that heavy brick for work.

2) Leica M4-P. My main camera for street work at the moment. Love it to death. Completely mechanical with only full manual use. With no light meter, its forcing me to manually read light. Both a good and bad thing. Its got a Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 lens attached to it.

3) Konica Hexar AF. This is a great camera as it allows me to just shoot freely and not worry about any technical junk. It can shoot in program mode, aperture priority and has FAST auto focus. I dont have to put to much work with this body as I do with my M4-P. This thing is also RIDICULOUSLY QUIET! Sometimes when I hit the shutter, I myself dont know that a frame has been taken. Super stealthy for street! Its got a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. The glass is fantastic.

4) YN560 Flash. I dont shoot a lot with flash. But this was a good/cheap flash to pick up for those rare cases when i want to use it. …in reality, im scared to flash people. But im working on it :)

5) Gordy’s Hand Strap. Love these straps. I have two. One is a 40″ neck strap. The other is a hand strap.

6) 35mm Film. I normally use Portra 400 for colour and Neopan 400 for BW. However, Ive been recently shooting a lot with Superia 400. Why? There was a great sale on it a couple months ago over at B&H, so I loaded up. I also have one of the famed 35mm fujifilm hard cases from JapanCameraHunter (Thank you, sir).

7) iPhone 3GS. For the occasions when I dont have a camera with me, I shoot with this. The camera is not the greatest, the shutter lag on it is terrible, but its a camera, so its fine. I also have the (free) light meter app, which helps me when I shoot with my M4-P.

8) Bits and bobs not shown… Lens pen, microfibre cloth, business cards, headphones, small moleskin notebook and either my ipad or a random comic book (for times when my poor feet need a rest).

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