In your bag number 248, Christian Hafer
A super simple bag shot for you all today. This one is super duper cool. I love the layout and the style. Certainly a bit different from what is normally featured on the site. Come and see what Christian has in his bag.

First off love the site and its a daily habit. I wanted to submit my current street bag I have been rocking for the last few weeks to shoot around Philadelphia and other metro area I get to.

My name is Christian Hafer and I shoot sports and photojournalism in Philadelphia, Pa. I am starting to get back in to street photography so built up this simple kit to cruise around the city. I have bounced from seven states in my 27 years from Chicago to Colorado so my influences are expansive as is my style. I hope. Currently I am prepping for a 3-4 month road trip across the US in a VW Vanagon to photograph what I find. Anyway here is my submission!

Bag – Dakine messenger bag. I waxed the canvas and added a water proof liner for protection. Also added a simple divider from another bag.
Camera 1 – Trusty X100. I bought this on a whim and love it with a passion. I take it everywhere I go.
Camera 2- Mamiya C330. This was a gift and probably the best in a while. Sharp and amazing images from this beast.
iPhone – With the Vans case. Use a number of apps including a light meter.
Gum – Cute girls like fresh breath. Plus asking to take a photo is rare so smell nice.
Hat – Vans snap-back. Its summer protect your dome.
Film – Anything from Ilford Delta to Lomography film… doesnt matter.
Portable HD – I carry a portable hard drive (160GB) my brother made to back up quickly. Mostly for remote locations.

Not in photo – Moleskine notebooks. Headphones. Oakleys. Pens. Ipad sometimes. Henry Rollins books. Cliff bar.

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Thanks for sharing your awesome bag with us Christian. I love this shot, so simple and concentrated.
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