In your bag number 244, Phill Farrugia
A bag from down under today. Phill may only be 17 but he is already displaying all the traits of a serious film lover. Come and see what is in this interesting bag.

Hey Hey,
Name is Phill and I’m still a 17yo student from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been in the photography game for about 2-3 years and get all my knowledge from classes, courses and just going out shooting whenever I can. I like to shoot street and portraits, on the off occasion some engagement work too. Oh and I’ve also done a few photo assistant jobs for some professionals here in Sydney.

Currently doing my HSC year, aiming for university and photojournalism. I want to get involved more with professionals and start my own photo business. My faith lies in film, I it provides an integrity that digital will never be able give.

Not much else to say, love the site and enjoy!

Canonet QL17
New to the family, I just purchased this via Tokyo, Japan. I’ve put about 2 or 3 rolls of film through it and fallen in love. Brilliantly designed, simple and easy to use on the street. Its quiet and inconspicuous nature lets me get shots I wouldn’t with a huge DSLR. I see many a great photo being taken with this in the near future.

Permanently uses a 40mm f/1.8

Pentax K1000
This was my first 35mm SLR. It’s completely manual so it taught me how to load film, master exposure, compose each shot and deal with different conditions. Having problems with the shutter so it’s out of action, but once fixed shall make for more awesome street shoots.

I carry a 50mm f/2 and an 80-200mm f/4.5 and also a Sunpak Softlite1400A

I experiment with all sorts of films at this stage of my photography. At the moment I have some Kodak Gold 100, as well as Fujicolor X-TRA 400, but on occasion I will shoot some Black and White with Ilford HP5 Plus 400.

I’ve always got my Kindle with me on the long train trips around Sydney. Usually reading some sort of nonsense fiction, but I’ll often have a good photography related book (I read a bit of Guy Kawasaki sometimes).

A must have is my iPhone 4S of course. It’s a great little tool for a few different things, I use a light meter app, a model poses app, the obligatory range of filter apps and social networks.

Alongside my phone I carry my Mophie Juicepack. After too many late nights spent with 1% battery life this has become my trusty lifeline.

I carry a journal everywhere I go even not shooting photos. This morning I woke up at 3am and everything about a project just made sense, I had to scribble it all down and ensure it still made sense when I woke up. It does.

So that’s me, check out my work in all sorts of places –

Thanks for sharing your bag and your thoughts with us Phill. Great to see the younger ones amongst us getting into film.
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